Summer trip

Summer trip

Took M out for the day from the nursing home, glad to be feeding her for short time. This was taken at the Pin mill in Bodnant gardens in North wales. Suggest power assisted chair essential as slopes quite steep. Plants fantastic colour and scents. Cloudless skies warm temperature, meant Snowdonia was fantastic and for a bank holiday not too crowded. I think the bad weather forecasts on the radio mainly for South East put everyone off coming out, great for us. Hope to do same today as weather holding here. M appreciated the fresh air and summer scents but her curled posture and closed eyes meant a lot of the vistas where not seen.

Best wishes Tim

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  • So pleased you had a good day. I know why there weren't many people. They all went to Sheffield Park NT garden 45 mins from us. I decided to take C. It took me over an hour to get him ready, hoisted into his chair, strapped into the car etc. After a 45 minute drive we arrived to find barriers across the entrance with a big notice Car Park Full. I asked one of the 5 attendants on duty if there were any disabled places and was greeted with a very firm "No" and an arm waving me on as there were several cars behind me. I was not a happy bunny, especially as a trip to the ladies was the first thing I was going to do. It's the first time I haven't been able to get in a NT place. We came home again after finding a supermarket so I could use their facilities.

    It's a lovely photo of you both. Make the most of the good weather; it's horrendous in Kent, cold, pouring with rain and strong winds coming in gusts. Perhaps we should go to Sheffield Park today, no one else perhaps not, it's a staying in with the heating on day.

    Enjoy yours.


  • So sorry your trip was so frustrating. I know what an effort it is to get ready and into the car so it must have been incredibly dispiriting not to be able to see the gardens in the end!

    I have had a really difficult weekend but that is another story and maybe the subject of a new post if I ever have time!

    V x

  • Hi V, sorry you have had a tough weekend. This awful weather doesn't make how you are maybe feeling now any better does it. I can almost see our grass growing but can't get out and cut it. By the time I can, it is going to be much harder. We are listening to Radio 4 at the moment, telling us how to cope with stress. I had to laugh as one of the things they said was we shouldn't think so much of ourselves but help other people so our focus is changed. So there you have, I won't think of myself but will help C! Isn't that the cause of my stress?

    Hope your day is as good as it can be.


  • Listened and had to smile at the stress programme they did not seem to understand that caring for loved ones is a major form of stress along with sleep deprivation. Ah well at least the weather here is compensation no doubt the Autumn rains will arrive next week.

    Best wishes Tim

  • 😀 X

  • Hope things better. Vikki. Thinking of you both.

    love, Jean and Chris x

  • How disappointing after so much effort to get out. I think its difficult enough to go out at the stage Fs at, and he can still get in and out of the car, just about!!

    I do try to avoid weekends and holidays tho!

    Sheffield Park is lovely especially this time of year, we've been there a few times in the past, I was wondering how wheelchair friendly it is?

    Love Debbie xx

  • It's quite good with a wheelchair in places. Some parts are a no no but we have been several times and managed to see a lot. We do have the electric chair though. some slopes may be hard work.


  • Oh dear NannaB what a palava, all that trouble and you couldn't even home to the ladies room. Must say I try to avoid NT places at bank holiday as I can't stand it when it's too crowded but Sheffield Park and car park are pretty big. Every man and his dog must have decided to go there too. Never mind, you win some, you loose some, as they say.

    Kate xx

  • Hi Kate, I know, it was a bit stupid going during half term and I never usually do, or weekends as we can go during the week. I think I had a senior moment that day as never gave it a thought. What went through my head was, it's sunny, it's going to rain the rest of the week, quick lets go out while it's fine. As we spent a long time sitting in the car I could have just gone in the garden. Oh well, as you say, you win some, you loose some.

    Have a good day. Raining again here.


  • That happened to us, this year, on a sunny day, on the way back from Norfolk. The previous year, on a cold day, there were only two cars in the car park, ours and our son's! X

  • I should have taken him today, we would have got in....cold, wet, windy and generally miserable.


  • Ah, but you may have been able to get into the loo! X

  • I really feel for you after so much effort. At times like that I just want to cry like my grand daughter. She opens her mouth and lets rip, sprays tears.

    Wonder what would happen if a grown woman did that. I normally just weep silently and no-one notices.

    Just like winter here in Yorkshire. Our son is staying and has taken the three children, including said grand daughter to swim. It will be chaos.We are playing lots of games, cards, jigsaws. Its like holidays when our children were young. Camping in the rain !! Happy days !

    love, Jean x

  • Hi Jean, it's the same weather here, really miserable. I'm looking after 2 budgies for neighbours who have taken their two young girls to Whitby. With the northerly wind blowing it will be a challenge keeping the girls occupied. I've also got a hamster for another family but they are in Lanzarote so expect they are basking in sunshine. One day we'll get the sun....maybe.

    Hope you get a bit of a rest with family there. What do they say, a change is as good as a rest.....sometimes.

    Love Bev


  • Have fun with your menagerie.

    Its not a rest here but fun certainly. Its great to see the grand children so gentle with Chris. They are noisy but not with him. very patient listening to him. I have always been very open about his problems so it is talked about.

    They made him some cakes [ and ate them !]

    They go home tomorrow so we have a quieter couple of days before the homeward journey.

    Still a bit hit-and-miss with convene.

    love, Jean x

  • Sounds as if you are having fun. We still have convene blips but few and far between now, thank goodness.

    Have a good journey home after a couple of quieter days.

    Love Bev


  • What happens is that in the early hours, having used it, he takes it off and then wets the bed !

    I am using bed pads as well so I haven't had wet sheets. He promises to keep it on and seems upset about removing it. I can't decide whether he just wakes and doesn't know what he's doing or if its the only rebellion he can make.

    We'll see.

    Have a good weekend, love Jean x

  • Yes C did that for quite a while. I expect it feels strange, like constantly wearing rubber gloves. It rarely happens now thank goodness. Last week I was turning him and sitting him up in bed. The bag was on a holder hooked over the bed rail. C started to make his funny laughing sound as I was sliding him up the bed and I realised the tube was stuck. As I had pulled him up the bed, the convene was stretching, pulling him in the process. His body part was stretched to a size I think any man would envy. Just as I noticed it, before I could do anything, the convene pinged off violently sending a spray of urine into my face and onto the bed. C thought it very did I.


  • Oh dear! You made me laugh out loud with this one. But sprayed in the face! Yuck! The things we learn to laugh at....!

    Xo ec

  • Can just imagine it !!


  • How lovely for you to be able to take M out to such a beautiful place. I'm sure she will have found it uplifting even if she wasn't able to see all of it.

    I was in Devon at the weekend and the weather was amazing, the gardens and the banks and verges looking wonderful with the Queen Anne's Lace, white dead nettle and pink campion looking beautiful. I have returned to storm and tempest here in Kent, the heavy rain and wind spoiling all the lilac blossom and azaleas - so hard for them when they have been saving their strength for a year to give us a good show!

    V x

  • Lovely you were able to enjoy such a fine day and all that sunshine. Good for you, Tim!

  • Hi Tim, don't forget there were two of you there, to enjoy the views and the summer scents. I know we all spend so much time thinking what our loved ones want, (quite rightly so) that we forget to just relax and soak up the summer rays ourselves! Like you said, Autumn will be here by the end of the week, though it's sounds as if it as already started in the SE!!!

    I spent the time with my children, in the garden, BBQ going, wine opened, sun blazing down on us, celebrating my granddaughter's 16th birthday. Heaven!!!

    Lots of love


  • We did similar Heady, celebrating our grandson's 16 Birthday 🎂 xx

  • Nice picture, it looks like you had much better weather than the south been blowing gales today!

    Best wishes to you both

    Debbie x

  • That's a 'wish you were here' sort of a photo. Looks lovely, along with the beautiful weather there. We didn't venture far on the bank holiday, try to avoid the crowds and the weather was terrible, esp Sunday. We spent Friday in the garden of our friends having a lovely lunch and drinking pimms it was a beautiful day and then it all changed! Glad you could have quality time out with M.

    Kate x

  • Glad you had a lovely day Tim, I love it there, we will have to miss the laburnum arch this year I'm afraid X

  • Labernum arch just about starting probably best next week, but agree the gardens are brilliant pity we cannot get to the bottom gardens anymore, paths too steep and gravelly, Pin Mill was a gamble but people helped by keeping out of the way of a madman and a only slightly out of control wheel chair.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Lovely photo. Thank you for sharing. Life does go on and so must we, gathering as many happy times as we can.X

  • Lovely photo. So glad you were able to have a good shared experience. Precious moments.

    Am in Yorkshire.We had goodish weather at weekend but terrible from Monday. Like winter.

    love, Jean x

  • Good for you Tim!!! Glad you both had a special day!!!


  • I love hearing about everyone's adventures and good times and weather, wild and wonderful! This has been a fun post to follow. Thanks, Tim! We are going to a botanical garden on the coast this fine spring day. We have a new, lighter and more comfortable wheelchair, so this will be the inaugural run with that. Whatever we see, it will be a nice day off work for me! Love to all, ec

  • Hi Tim, great that you and M had a lovely day out in what looks like a beautiful place and not too crowded, even better. I hope you and M manage lots more outings. Best wishes Nanny857 x

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