Newbie - from pads to conveen

I am a very fit and active 84 year male; went through the grades of pads, thought there must be a better way, and bought Conveen sheaths and bags while waiting for an assessment at the incont. clinic in two months time.

I have a shrunken penis and find it hard to get the sheath on, so my wife helps me. Today my penis regressed even further and the sheath all but slipped off.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how have you coped.

A very helpful DN, instigated by our surgery locum, has been to see me and has ordered stock for me.

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  • My husband has had similar problems, make sure you have the right size and persevere, he has used them now for 4 months and only 3 times have we had an accident with leakage or not been on right for some reason. It takes a little getting used to in putting them on, I put it on for husband each night, Most nights it's ok but a couple of times I've not quite got it on correctly. Trial and error and perseverance. Best of luck , they have been a godsend for us.

  • Thank you for responding. I was like a Cheshire cat when I first tried it but that was the first flush. I was planning on going to Mass after a long absence and was in our garden when disaster struck. I would have been mortified if I had been elsewhere. We have a mail order business, with daily trips to the Post Office, so I will ask our DN to let me try Afex.

    Glad you did not miss the pun.

  • Hi there

    My husband had prostate cancer before he was diagnosed with parkinsons and then PSP. He is unable to put conveens on himself so i put a new one on each morning. A bit awkward at first but after i read the instructions properly it was ok. Size is everything, no pun intended, and the company were so helpful in sending me a couple of different ones to try out, similarly with the daytime leg bag, as hubby kicked taps open so the whole bed, and himself, were wrecked. I wind a second longer piece of the elastic round the outside of the tap now for extra safety at night. They are a boon so please keep trying and you will settle on the right kind for you. Also the inside sticky band has to be a little taut, bu obviously not to the point of strangulation. Not sure if any of this is of any help but do keep talking to the company until you're satisfied. This happens all the time apparently. All the best. Duffers

  • For better and/or for worse. Things the wives have to do. Size is indeed everything and thereby hangs my tail - or lack of it. There is very little to put the sheath on even with trying different sheath diameters. Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Neemwalla. I agree with all the posts.. size is important..i use it for my dad every 2 days.. i put a plaster adhesive tape around the top.. i put many layers to make sure it is fixed to his skin so no leakage occur..but my dad skin of his penis became black and sometimes ulcers appeared.. dr said that i have to stop using this conveen for couple of days and put antibiotics.. i did so and ulcers gone. About shrinkage.. i think it didnt happen with my father.. take care

  • You are supposed to use a new sheath every day to prevent UTI.

  • I'm just learning how to put convene on my husband with help of the nursing staff in the hospital where he is at the moment. 50% success rate at the moment but getting better. I have everything crossed that it is mostly successful as I know it will make life so much easier for both of us when he comes home. Hope you have success in the end.

    Love Kate xx

  • Fingers crossed. My problem is there is almost nothing to put the sheath on.

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