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What sort of pads do I use????

Hi folks, I need help. What sort of pads do I use, to try and stop the constant wet bed?

S is now using Night pull up pants! Gets up every hour to use his bottle, but still manages to soak the pad and then the bed. All this by 3.00am, so up changing sheets! This can't go on, I am exhausted, he is constantly tired. Am I using the wrong sort of pads, S likes these, feels he still has some control of his life and it's easier to use his bottle. Are we putting them on wrong, but I can't see that we are. Or is it they that are just not tight enough, therefore leak.

We are off back to South Africa again very soon, can't have this problem on the plane! Do the pads that you have tape to fasten them work better?

I am at my wits end, tried almost every pad in Boots. (Chemist)

Lots of love


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When my husband was doing this, I managed to persuade him to have a convene fitted. At first he only used it at night. It meant he could go when he wanted in the bag. During the first week he did pull several off or disconnected it from the tube but he very soon realised it was better than a wet bed. I bought single beds when he was wet several times. The convene has been a godsend. No more getting up at night, no worries about being out on journeys or visits. I always carry a 750ml comfort bottle in my bag so I can empty the convene if we are out. That size bottle has a coloured cover so is very discreet.

Before the convene I bought from the internet, Hartmann Moliform premium pads. They are shaped back and front and were very good. They are worn with special light, close fitting pants. I also use Kylie sheets; padded water proof backed draw sheets which avoids the need to strip the whole bed. The moisture soakes through keeping dry on top. I still use these in case of leaks but the convenes rarely cause a problem now. The Kylies are expensive but washable. The convenes are fitted by the district nurse via the GP and are on the NHS so I'm no longer paying out for pads.

I do hope you find a solution soon as I remember how exhausting it is getting up so many times a night. I used to jot down every time he got up and this helped when claiming CHC. We were given a night nurse so she was there to help my husband out of bed to use his bottle so I could get a good nights sleep. I only have to do weekends now but his needs are now more complex.

Best wishes.



NannaB, what is a "convene"? I am not familiar with this term. Thanks!


It's like a condom but has an open end which connects to a tube which is connected to a bag. This is secured around the calf. Urine is collected in the bag and can be emptied via a little tap. If my husband knows he wants to urinate, I hold a bottle to the open tap. It saves accidents and we no longer have a problem getting to a toilet if we are out. Nights are better as well. The night bag holds more liquid and is attached to a stand at the side of the bed.


Hi Heady, we had a long thread about this a few weeks ago. C became urinary incontinent last July and I have abandoned travelling anywhere that involves overnight stays. We also have moved to single beds as the laundry is so much more manageable. And following previous discussion I now make his bed as follows: kylie on mattress, bath towel folded flat across middle of bed, disposable plastic sheet on top of towel, all that held in place by fitted bottom sheet. He wears disposable padded pants and at night I put on two pairs: one the right way round and other back to front. It has worked in that now he wets the bed about one night in three rather than every night. He goes to bed 9 - 9.30 and I then read/knit for an hour or so and when I go I try to get him up and take him to toilet. Sometimes he is sleeping deeply and I don't bother and can guarantee the bed will be wet in the morning. Remember when you were potty training children and you lifted them at night? Exactly that principle. I have tried every brand of 'padded pants' and adult diapers on sale here and former are best. We can't get conveens unfortunately. In fact he is wearing medium-sized women's pants because all the men's on sale here are large or XL and far too big. Sometimes C takes the pants off in the night and later claims they were wet and uncomfortable and I find them under the bed next day, bone dry. As I am his sole carer my golden rule is to ensure a good night's sleep for myself or I simply can't function the next day. Decided some time ago that waking to his bed wet when I have slept well is preferable to dry bed and me missing sleep. Finally I think there is also a denial factor in this. It took C several months to come to terms with the incontinence, indeed, I think he has only done so fairly recently. He has started to be confused (cognitive impairment) over past few months which also hasn't helped. That is cause of removal of dry pants. But after the horrendous day when it was pouring down with thunder and lightning and he wet the bed four times in a 24-hour period, and I ranted while heaving wet washing everywhere (the house was festooned with wet bedding and clothing) I think the message finally got home to him. If only I'd had my meltdown earlier! You should investigate conveens as a matter of urgency. Good luck.


are you in the UK at the moment if so get in touch with an incontinence nurse. They can provide or advise you on the pads that last up to 8 hrs and dont leak. we had no problems when we used those provided by them and they also stop the wet returning to the skin.

Good luck.


like the others have said . don't be afraid or envy arrested to ask for any help you can including aids .

when my husband started to need wee so much at night especially , he is not incontinent so knows when he needs but cannot get out of bed I got in touch with GP .

he put me straight in touch with continence nurse . they are called Nightingale nurses here in Wales . the came to visit and arrange a regular supply of sheaths and bags , extra bigger for nigh times

we used them at night for a long time. , during the day of I went out or even if we had visitors . takes the pressure away .

he dipoesnt use them now because his penis has become very retracted so cannot keep the sheath on . I worrid about using pass but I

Wished I had started before . we do have little mishaps of course but at night we use kyllie sheet , I also but puppy trains pads they are th e cheapest Thes also help , although I make sure I get the X Large size pad s and rarely have wet bed anymore .

to protect his skin O stopped using the Cavilon cream prescribed I found it made his skin red , I thought I would try instead a baby barrier cream , Bethenpam No more site bottoms .

I have to hoist my husband now onto his chair , bed or commode . I have made an opening in the front of his jogging trousers which he wears so it's easy enough to drop the pad away to go onto the commode . I have also recently started to use a CONTI wipe!

As a loner for the pad , this is quite soft and can be removed for any little windy stains with ought changing the whole pad . . I a, seventy eight today so if I can do it anyone can , where there's. Will there a way . Lol


by the way I don't put bottoms on when he is in bed he wears long socks and I make sure his top is well down .


Hi , thank you all for your replies. I was hoping someone could wave the magic wand and find a cure!!!

We do have an appointment with the Bladder Clinic in two weeks time, so might try and get a convene from her. Last night wasn't too bad, got up at 2am, with a wet pad, took it off and came back to bed with nothing on. Dry bed this morning!!! So perhaps that's the answer, not let him put anything on!!! Oh, I am so tired, I wish it would one way or the other, this in between is driving me insane!!!,!

Lots of love



I use the underpants shaped pull on pants. The are very tight and look too small even. With my father I put on his regular cotton briefs over the paper underpants to hold them tightly at the legs and use a large flat pad under him and a waterproof mattress cover under everything. I have stopped using sheets at all and use inexpensive cotton quilts or bedspreads which are more comfortable when wet. Also no drinks of any kind after dinner only ice cream. Also a night time catheter for my father that had a cap on the end that fit on the penis rather than being inserted into the tip. I also think they make a heavy duty nighttime underpants but that could be a fantasy on my part.

we've just come out the other side of a diarrhea crisis of 3 days! Ah the indignities,



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And I thought I had problems! Sorry!!!!

Thinking of you!

Lots of love



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