Has anyone found a solution to the problems caused by conveen sheathes pulling hairs and causing pain?

I tried trimming the hair, would prefer not to shave my husband, partly for fear of cutting him and partly for his comfort, but have to change bedding 6 days out of 7.I use pants and pads, protective waterprof bedding etc. but we still wake up to a wet bed. In fact our bed has 2 single matresses but one has to be stripped nearly every day. I bought a tumble dryer but would love to hear a solution. I can manage his incontinence during the day with good timing and hope he's not ready for a catheter yet.

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  • Hi Sheila

    I had the same problem with my husband. The sheets had to be changed on a daily basis. I found very good pads in a shop for disabled people and waterproof covers to put over the sheets. I also had a male bedpan for during the night. I tried those sheathe things but gave up on them as it was uncomfortable to put on and remove. My washing machine and tumble dryer were on, on a daily basis. I was told that sometimes a catherer can cause infection so I preferred to struggle on with the special pants, sheets, bedpan etc.

    I hope this is of some help to you.

    Best regards


  • Thanks for replying. He wears incontinence pants at night ( in fact all the time) but I suppose moving around in the night causes them to leak. Never mind, I'd rather strip the bed than shave him.

    Take care.


  • Hi Sheila,

    Not sure I can be much help but it could be that the conveen is the wrong size if you are still waking to a wet bed most days. In theory, the conveen should be able to deal with the flow of urine without leaking.

    As to the "hair" problem - I'm afraid I don't have a solution :-( however careful you are you always seem to catch one or two stray hairs.

    Good luck

    Love Kathy x

  • Thanks Kathy. The sheath is the right size and would work if only it didn't pull and hurt. It's a shame because it would really help. Eddie didn't even mind wearing it, until of course it hurtTake care.


  • Hi All,

    Conveen sheaths and hair are a big problem. In the beginning I used to shave my husband as regularly as I could when he was living in the residential care centre. His carers felt a bit embarrassed doing this personal task so asked me if I would do it. The two of us could then always have a giggle about it. It worked well at first until he started pulling the sheath off at night. Of course this resulted in a soaking bed; he just didn't want to wear them, for whatever reason. I think perhaps the sticky edging that held it in place used to irritate. So, as you see they aren't always the answer,

    We went back to putting him in a pad. He was then more comfortable and although it meant a lot of 'accidents' with wet sheets, he was happier and that was the main thing.

    I don't think it's a problem of the wrong size of conveen as Kathy suggests. If it's too loose the sheath will not stay in place and it will usually leak at the top too. It should fit snuggly but, as mentioned it means regular shaving really well in order to rid all hair. Unfortunately, that isn't always so easy or acceptable.


    Maggie x

  • Thanks Maggie, Everyone seems to have the same problem.

    Take care.


  • Hi Sheila

    If the conveen is measured correctly in the first place and then fitted correctly and kept in place during the night there should be no leakage. However this does not prevent the person from pulling it and dislodging it slightly so there is always the risk of leakage. Your local continence nurse might be the person to contact and she could assess the situation and make suggestions. Trimming the hair will reduce the discomfort but unfortunately unless you are prepared to shave the area some hairs will still probably get caught. A more gentle way of removing the conveen in the morning is to use a well soaped up flannel to gradually loosen the sheath and slowly roll away. An alternative to a conveen is male overnight tena pants which are reported to be excellent at staying in place and able to hold any urine passed overnight. Unfortunately they are more expensive and I do not think they are available on prescription so you would have to buy them. However, if they do the job of keeping your husband dry overnight and save you from having to wash all his bedding every day then they probably work out quite cost effectively.

  • Thanks Kath.

    I mastered fitting them and had tried several before getting the right size but it's the pulling that's the problem.

    We get pads on prescription and I buy incontinence pants from Boots. But because his bladder doesn't work regularly it doesn't always empty before bed and so there is too much for the pants and a pad to contain. Sometimes his bladder only works twicw in 24 hours and one of them is always in the night.


  • Hi Sheila

    I agree with everything you say. This was exactly the same problem as my husband. Most times his bladder would not work regularly either and he too would 'fill' the pad to overflowing - hence the wet bed. So, it was pure luck managed to empty his bladder before going to bed.

    They even tried fitting a catheter tube into his bladder, but he didn't like that either and he bled quite badly when he ripped it out in anger one night

    Pads proved to be the best solution, even though a wet one.


  • Thanks again, Maggie. I also read or heard somewhere that a catheter increases the risk of infection.

    Thank heaven for tumble dryers!!

    Take care


  • Dear Sheila

    My husband uses sheaths and, blessedly, with success so I very much feel for you both. Removing them was a problem - a warm flannel and soap and water did not do the trick. We now use a medical adhesive remover, prescribed by the GP - of the sort that can be used to remove stoma bags, for example - and that has proved effective and painless.

    With best wishes


  • Thanks to all for taking the time to reply. After all these weeks of struggling on I became concerned because my husban's skin was becoming red and sore and to avoid the skin breaking down and also to avoid the risk of infection the doc came this morning and fitted a catheter. It also means that his bladder will empty properly now which it never did before.

    Take care


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