Birthday boy

Birthday boy

Well George's birthday yesterday went to the hospice took some cakes, he opened a few presents, I left to come home at 1.30 to get ready to go back with all the children at 4 o'clock, phone call from the hospice saying George was unwell, taking him to hospital, this is how I saw him when he arrived at the hospital, he looked really bad. His catheter was blocked, never seen so much blood come out when they unblocked it. He had to stay in hospital, arrived here after picking up his things from hospice, he was talking rubbish, was rather upset that I had left him last night at 11.30. This morning he looks unwashed, but have cleaned him up, they said he can go home. It was rather a horrible birthday, so let the celebrations being today. Waiting for them to give him an injection and antibiotics and we are going home πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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  • Oh I'm sorry George and you had such a bad day yesterday. Do hope he can go home/hospice soon and you can celebrate his birthday with the children. πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰ and 🍷 for you!

    Vicki x

  • We are home he is very tired xxxx

  • Gosh, it's one thing after another isn't it........this illness is the pits. Hugs xx

  • It's bloody s**t xxxx

  • You are both in my thoughts.

    Sending big hug and much love.

    Lots of love


  • Thank you Anne, left the hospital, when we got him in the car, we noticed his catheter was leaking, did not go back in to the hospital, phoned up DN when we got home, waiting for them. Sending you a big hug Yvonne xxx

  • Aww Yvonne, so sorry!! How is George now? How are you bearing up? X

  • Amanda he is home, not to good though , coughing a lot xxxx

  • Thinking of you both! X

  • Hi Yvonne

    Sorry that George has gone to hospital but at least he's home and can see all of you for a bit of a party

    Please take care

    Sue xx

  • Sorry about all that happened. Happy birthday to George and hope you get you have some fun back home.

    Is the catheter leak fixed?

  • Well DN said it should be ok she flushed it xxxx

  • So sorry for the turn of events on his special day...prayers for you both.

  • Thank you xxx

  • Yvonne I am so very sorry that George is ill. I hope he recovers but this thing can go anyway in the space of a few hours as you know. Saying prayers for you both.

    A big hug to you too.

    Marie x

  • That is a shame :( Hope everything improves.

    Audrey (aka auddonz)

  • Happy Birthday George! Hope you enjoy the celebrations today and the sun shines for you xx

  • Not sure about the celebration he is unwell, going to have a fun day next Sunday xxxx

  • Sorry, that sounded rather insensitive of me. I misread the end of your post about celebrations.xx

  • It's finexxx

  • Sounds similar to the roller coaster I am on-my prayers for you and for all who are suffering from this terrible disease!

  • Don't you just hate PSP, it is such an unfair illness, feel like screaming xxxxx. You take care also xxxx

  • I am feeling for you, Yvonne. I hope for the best, whatever that may be. Love, Ec

  • Thank you lovely lady xxxx

  • Y.

    I'm a relative newcomer and may not know key info about George's background and condition.

    So, my immediate question would be: why the blood? Did he have recent surgery? Is he on an anti-coagulent for heart or stroke preventive reasons? In most cases I know about (including in my own past history), a hospital would not release a patient with an unresolved bleeding issue.

    Hemorrhages and UTI's, of course, are not part of PSP or other Parkinsonian conditions. However, in too many cases, they sadly can be the result of inattention or carelessness among carers of such neuro patients, whether institutional or personal providers of care.

    Wishing the best for George, you, and his loved ones.

    Christian Ed58

  • The blood was from the catheter which was blocked, with a blood clot, he was diagnosed in 2014 with PSP, bloody horrible illness xxxx

  • We take better care of our loved ones on all levels! I know you do Yvonne. Such is PSP. Hope he settles in and is safe and warm with you.



  • Thank you he seems really bad, had a smile out of him today. Children came around and we sang happy birthday and cut his birthday cake, a bit late but he enjoyed it, xxxxx

  • Really feel for you, Yvonne.

    Big hug from Jean xxx

  • Thank you Jean, I am hoping that he will look better in the morning, got this horrible feeling that he is the next stage of this horrible illness, really frightened, don't want him to leave me xxxxxx

  • How are things to-day, Yvonne ?

    Thinking of you both. You are both suffering so much.

    Another cuddle.

    love Jean xx

  • Not a good night, george back in hospital, catheter not draining, really poorly xxxxx

  • Hoping he is ok. Thinking of you, Yvonne

    love Jean xx

  • Jean just come back from the amazing hospital in Cambridge adamsbrook, they were waiting for George to get there, it was amazing, they found he has a stone in his kidneys, it must of been so painful xxxx

  • Poor George. Didn't need that as well !

    Can they treat it ?


  • Yes he had to go back after 2 weeks, can't believe it xxxx

  • Oh, I'm so sorry. Hope he is more comfortable.

    Big hug from Jean xx

  • Jean he seems a bit better today, he has slept a lot but all ok xxx

  • Good.


  • You will have to have a chat with him Yvonne, surely there is a limitation on how many things a guy can have wrong with him.

    Sending big hugs and much love to you both, hope he feels a bit better very soon.

    Lots of love


  • Thank you Anne, he seems a bit better today, hope you are ok xxxx

  • Dear Yvonne,

    This disease manifests in so many awful ways. I hope things even out for you dear one.


  • Thank you been one stressful day again xxxx

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