Nanna B, will the tooth fairy know I'm here?

That was the greeting I received when I let our 6 year old grandson and his 9 year old brother in this morning. No "Hello". His tooth came out in his home today and he proudly handed it to me in a tiny hand made box covered in fabric that I had bought at a craft fair 6 years ago. I gave it to our son for when the eldest started to lose teeth and was surprised and thrilled it was still being used.

Well, the tooth fairy has been already, exchanging his tooth for a £1 coin, the current rate according to our son. Our youngest son is now 36 so it's been a long time since one has visited this house. S will be so pleased she found her way here.


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  • :)


  • When they start loosing there teeth they worry about the tooth fairy coming, yes it is £1 now its inflation ha ha xxxxxx

  • I had a similar experience with my granddaughter, I forgot (oh no!) to put a £1 under her pillow and had to tell her the tooth fairy was really busy that night and would be there the next day as soon as she could get, I kept sending her to check all morning and eventually put it under her pillow at lunchtime, her face was an absolute picture, bless her!....xx

  • That's brilliant !


  • Pat did the same with my grandson xxx

  • That is sweet sweet sweet, and so I'm ending my day with a smile. Thanks, NannaB! Big hugs, ec

  • I think it double that for a double tooth!! Xxx

  • Oh yes! It's now 7.20, he has been up since 6.30 and hasn't mentioned it. Obviously forgotten so I'm still waiting for the excitement.


  • Truly beautiful

    Thx you for sharing NannaB x

  • I love the special little box idea...I can just see the two boys happily marching in with exciting news! Thanks for sharing . nice to hear some good news today

  • I'm still waiting for the excitement. He has forgotten all about it and has been awake for nearly an hour.


  • Doing what...and that would be 5:30 am right/? still waiting leads me to believe you have been up all nifht though waking at 530 am feels like all night to me.....What's he been doing if not playing with toys and being a boy

    well I hope you get a nap in....Iknow I sure need one..

    (HUGS under a palm tree; warm sand under our feet while ocean breeze muses our worries away)


  • No, they both got up at 6.30 am. I was up with C at 6am as well as half the night. S finally remembered his tooth money at 11.30 am. He was very pleased and excited. Their parents are arriving in about half an hour. Our youngest son took them both to the recreation ground and kept them out for two hours so I could prepare lunch. C has been asleep all day so I fitted his PEG to an 8 hour bottle so I didn't have to disturb him. Boys are now playing basket ball on the Wii machine. Looking forward to my bed tonight.


  • Do you worry C sleeps all day? He had a hard night last night, do you think it is his sleep pattern?

  • He doesn't often sleep all day. Last night he had a lot of saliva/ phlegm, and I was using the suction machine a lot. This morning I decided to give him a lorazepam to help calm him, the one I gave him last night made no difference. I thought that had made him sleepy but tonight I discovered the crushed lorazepam. I hadn't given it to him. I think last nights finally kicked in this morning. I don't worry about him sleeping as if he is peaceful it's better than the moaning. I wish he could tell me if he is in pain. I don't call the doctor now as when he has had an episode before, the GP said there is nothing we can do apart from paracetamol and lorazepam so I give it to him when needed.


  • I can't remember if I told you this but B was moaning last night too and I could not wake him. There was one time I woke up to him breathing so shallowly that I could not hear him....I looked for pulse... found none and he was cool to touch...under blankets! I slapped him (not hard) repeatedly and told him to wake up.....he sort of responded and I fell into gratefulness....he's up today and hopefully our men will sleep well tonight!

    I do hope you get some rest tonight, Bev


  • I've had quite a few scares like that, thinking it's the end. Sleep well both of you Andrea


  • That's lovely x

  • Has he remembered yet, Bev ?

    I love the gap-tooth stage !

    My little grand daughter woke up and her tooth was gone! Never found where. Did she swallow it ? Her brothers were keen on appropriate investigations !! But it was agreed that the tooth fairy had it and the reward appeared.

    Did you keep them happy , after all ?

    Love, Jean x

  • I can just imagine what sort of investigations were required if their sister had swallowed her tooth, little boys being little boys. 9.45 and he still hasn't mentioned it. He took so long sorting out where he would put the box last night. It started off under his pillow but he decided the fairy may wake him up if she had to lift the pillow and he may be scared of her. Next it went on the floor by the side of his low bunk but then he may tread on it if he got out to the toilet. It ended up on the unit by his bed which is where it still is. I expect his mum will mention it when they come and collect him if he hasn't remembered by then as she had already left for work when his tooth fell out and was upset she wasn't going to be the tooth fairy. I text her last night and said the fairy had been.

    Have a good Sunday. C "growled" all night, trying to cough, and hasn't stopped yet, so I'm shattered and am fed up with the monotonous noise. I wish I could help him but there is nothing else I can do. Our youngest son is coming soon and said he will take the boys to the rec if I want to stay with C. I may have a little nap then.


  • He sounds like a very thoughful/highly organized child! Except for remembering the result of his organization, this is a good thing~

    My husband started off with painful moans then in middle of night I woke up to hear him not breathing,,,, cool to the touch BRUCE ARE YOU OK? He woke up with a start,,, well he moaned ....and I fell back into a fretful sleep.

    I ho[e youre napping


  • That's so scary when that happens. No nap yet, when they have gone I will though.


  • I bet its on your mind all the time !!! I think I would have dropped hints.

    Hope you had your nap. - and the groaning has stopped.


  • I wanted to drop hints but thought I may sound too enthusiastic and he may become suspicious.

    After the boys went I sat down with a cup of tea at 8pm and woke with a cold cup of tea beside me at 9pm. The groaning had stopped but that is what woke me. Night staff here now so I'm going to forget everything ( well will try) and sleep.


  • Did they enjoy their time with you ? And did you savour it ?

    Did you catch up on your sleep ?

    We had a day in Greenwich with friends yesterday and went for a meal with our son in the evening. Chris enjoyed it but slept all night and today at the hospice. Wore him out. Is the groaning the equivalent of snoring rather than discomfort .

    Jean x

  • Yes Jean. They asked if they could stay another night. I reminded them they had school in the morning and S said daddy could come and get them before school...a two+ hour round trip. Haven't caught up on sleep yet but will tonight. It sounds as if you had a good day at Greenwich and with your son. It does make a difference meeting with others doesn't it. I asked C for thumbs up if he wanted to go to coffee with our friend and he managed to put it up. Our friend came here first and helped me put him in the wheelchair, putting his shoes on for him and combing his hair. We then walked to the rec. We saw lots of other people we know and caught up with some we hadn't seen for a long time. Then Andrea walked back with us and help me hoist C back into bed. She stayed while I PEG fed him and left when the sitter came. I then went into town and met another friend for lunch. I'm all talked out. Feel good though.

    I don't think the groaning is like snoring. When I first joined this site several others mentioned their loved ones moaned and groaned so wasn't surprised when C started. It's very wearing.

    Got to go and feed the Guinea pigs now.

    Hope you evening/ night is good.

    Love Bev


  • Bev, I don't believe you are ever "talked out"

    Glad the boys were so happy with you. They don't need special things. You are enough !

    Love, Jean

  • He he! My job involved talking all day. I'd come home from work and C, who worked from home a lot of the time, wanted me to talk to him. I used to say to him that I was all talked out and give me half an hour to recharge my batteries. After 10 minutes he would ask if I was recharged. He couldn't wait with me in silence for 30 minutes.


  • I know he's still listening !


  • But now he is a captive audience and can't escape my non stop nattering.


  • Remember he chose you. I'm sure you were always a chatterer.


  • That's lovely, NannaB.

    Lots of love


  • Hahaha! Those are some fun times. You don't even want to know what our kids get from the Tooth Fairy. And I'm the idiot that keeps upping the stakes. We were at my parents house when one lost his front tooth. I think the tooth fairy brought a note, left a video game, etc. Ridiculous. Anyway, I get too excited - I'm pretty sure I'd have reminded him hours ago to check :) Gotta take advantage of the small things in life that make you happy, and that all too quickly get lost in the whole being adult thing. Anyway, glad you got to participate in the tooth fairy experience as a grandma :)


  • We have mean tooth fairies here 😆


  • Used to be sixpence when my tooth fell out, tooth put into a paper wrap with salt and hidden under the pillow. Sometimes the fairy was so busy she didn't have time to visit and came the next night instead. Funny that eh!

  • That is funny. Are you sure we didn't live in the same house. I could have written that. Once it was several nights later though.


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