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Our caregiver is not a morning person


Noella 21

Today we had a morning appointment. Our cargiver comes in at 9am and appointment was for 10am. In she comes with an extra large Tim Horton Coffee. I told her there is no time to nurse your coffee for 30 minutes this morning. First she thinks R is kind of flushed and asked him if he rather stay in bed for a while. I had already got the breakfast ready and figured I better help because this was going nowhere. We got him dressed and ready to strap in the car. After we arrived our helper was trying to get his coat off and got in a panic because he can't stand up no matter how hrd she is heaving him

I told you does feel up to going out . She says R you are really off today you look feverish. I walked over to help and noticed she had the lap belt still on him. Oh well she is not a morning person. Where do find these people? Than to top it all off she suggests next time I have an early morning appointment it would help if I had him readay to go. I suggested she come an hor early if needed more time. No can do I am not a morning person. Pop there goes another one. I am so stressed. I should get out the wine providing I survive the night girl at bed time.


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Cripes, that's awful, Noella. I guess I'm going to stop complaining about ours! Well, after this time...the other day the chronically late one bustles in and as I gather myself to dash off to work, aggravated, late again, she says "You're so lucky that you work in a place where they let you come in late all the time." How ever did I keep from saying, "so are you!"?

At least she does show up!

You are a saint.

Oh my god I can't believe there are careers like that, we are lucky they nearly always turn up on time, sending you a big hug I think you both need it xxxxx

Thanks. Hugs back to you1

i aagree. y

;ol jill


That must be it! Hah!

Omg noella she is not a morning person?! What?!

Doesn't sound like she's much of a carer/helper either?!!

I think she's very lucky she didn't end up wearing that coffee, cos she would have been in my house lol!

Where do these people come from? Makes me so angry!

Hope today is a better day!!!! X

Nanny857 in reply to Satt2015

Think I'd do the same Satt. Thanks for giving me a giggle, needed it today. xx

Health Care is based on good carers and OK carers and extremely bad carers and it sounds like it is a lottery to find the good ones. We are still waiting for our care package to be approved and so will cross my fingers that we don't have your experiences because that might get me into trouble !!!!

You are so right. Have to lean to roll with the punches.good luck with yours.

Do you think there is a conspiracy against us, or is it anybody who needs care, gets treated like this. I am having trouble with my evening care, last night they just didn't bother to turn up!!! How long should I wait until, before getting S ready for bed myself? Gave it nearly two hours last night, helped because he was watching the Olympics. Did mean that I didn't get to bed until gone midnight, completely wound up, so another night without sleep, lying there knowing that I would have to put my boxing gloves on first thing. They are soooo worn out now, to the point I have gone past caring! From now on, it's half an hour, then S will be put to bed.

In fairness my morning company, although organisation is not their stronger suit, all the staff are very good at their jobs, always smiling and laughing and most of all,caring!!!

Lots of love


Noella21 in reply to Heady

Heady . There are also good ones it is hit or miss. I do not know how much longer I can do this? My cancer is taking its toll am loosing weight my my back neck and shoulders are worn out. All the stress over caregivers is not helping. Must go on till I drop.I love listening to all your experiences. We are all in this together. Today I will try to stay positive. Have to go for b12 shots. Last week the care giver we had let out such a loud yelp when the needle was being inserted in R's arm that we all jumped. She will have to stay in the waiting room from now on. That could have ended badly. None of us saw that coming. Has a fear of needles.I am starting to develop a fear of care givers. If only I was stronger and could do it all myself. Better stock up on more wine in the meantime.Perhaps I bring out the worst in these women. I will have to work on that. They may be afraid of me.

"A fear of caregivers" - - oh my! I wonder what name we should give this phobia, because it's for sure not just you!!!

NannaB in reply to Heady

Heady our care company states if they don't turn up, I have to ring an out of hours number 10 minutes after the time they are due to arrive, except last time I did, it went straight through to an answer phone and no one called back.


Noella21 in reply to NannaB

That is also my.experience.

9 am is not exactly early even if you aren't a morning person is it. On Sunday morning our carer was due at 8 am. I got up to shower at 7am. I went into the bathroom for a shower, stripped off and then went into the toilet in the room next to the bathroom. Stark naked I walked out of the toilet which is at the top of the stairs, and saw a face squashed against the window in the front door, inside the porch. I grabbed my dressing gown from the bathroom. The carer, one I'd never seen before, came early. I queried the time and she said she had received an email asking her to arrive at 7am. How long would it have taken to copy the email to me. It's happened several times and I ask the office to let me know of changes but they don't.

I'm afraid I have been guilty of trying to get C up when he was still strapped to the chair. On one occasion the hoist lifted him and his commode. Perhaps it's because I'm not a morning person......no, I'm just going a bit dotty.


Heady in reply to NannaB

Are you meant to take that strap off? Perhaps that why I always have problems!!!!

Lots of love


NannaB in reply to Heady

My night carer and I are both laughing at your reply Heady. Thanks for sending me to bed with a smile on my face.


Heady in reply to NannaB

Sleep well. I have given up and popped a sleeping pills, kicking in now, so time for bed.

Lots of love


We could write a book.

Oh I think it would not be R that was flushed but the little carer and I as we minced words about quality of care. When I read these posts about ya'll's carers, I am rather happy I have only myself to rely on.....I really am not a team player...being an educator thats rather contrary to the profession....but oh well I'd rather do it myself thank you very much....I know there will come a time when that will be very difficult....by them I should have mad every error and will be more forgiving than I'd be right now!

Well Noella you might call the aagency to help them figure out what to do with this care....Hey I f she wants to change bedding at 2 in the morning cuzz she's a "night person" ...."the sheets are over there.... see ya at 8 am!"

To have or not to have , that is the question


Our morning carer is fantastic the only trouble is she leaves at the end of this month.

Yes indeed. I managed nor to have as long as I possibly could. I will try that come in during the night than. I will save the sheets for her. So glad you can still manage on your own. We still have much to be thankful for. Just need to vent once in a while and bite my tongue to keep peace on the surface anyway.

abirke in reply to Noella21


Oh dear. I think your carer is in the wrong job. Not a morning person!!.

Carers should be adaptable to clients needs. I'm a live in carer for a client with PSP (Just over 4 years). For her to suggested you have him ready before she comes is unbelievable. Surely that's part of her job.

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