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This is a first

Did my workout yesterday which helped with my craziness. Went up to bed at 7 last night and after getting Larry settled read until 7:30. Turned the light out and passed out. Was awakened by Larry ringing his bell. Looked at the clock. It said 8:30. Thought it was 8:30 in the morning. Gotup and dressed. Got him up. Went downstairs and made breakfast for us. Turned the TV on expecting to see the local morning news. A movie was on. No idea what was going on. Pulled up the info banner on the TV to find out what the movie was and saw the time as 8:37 PM. Wondered why it said that. Slowly it dawned on me it was night not morning. After he ate took him back up to bed. Got back in bed myself taking the other half of the diazepam I took on going to bed first time and slept until 5 this morning. Groggy this morning.

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Bless you! Caring for your loved ones can certainly turn us all a lil crazy! Think this shows how absolutely knackered you are?! Big hugs x


Yes, I am ragged at times. Hope to sleep well tonight. It could happen.

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You must have been tired!

Oh, how I remember the bell going in the night... Exhausting!

Take care of yourself too please :)

Best to you both



Sometimes my workout works against me. Last night was one of those times.


Been there. Got the tee shirt. My latest is waking up at midnight and can't remember giving the night time medication. I keep a mar sheet now so I can confirm I have. Love this site that we can share these things.



I wake sometimes due to dreaming him calling me or hearing him ring the bell.

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Jeff thank goodness I never did that! It's an easy mistake to make when you had been asleep already? You need a digital clock which tells you if it is AM or PM!!

I have to confess your post made me smile though. My husband before he was ill...or was he ill even then (?) used to do things like that from time to time. I always laughed as did he but thinking back it happened quite often to him. Maybe he was very tired and it was the start of PSP?

In your case you were drugged and sound worn out. So make sure you look at the time before you get out of bed in future? I have visions of you both eating breakfast in the middle of the night!!

Take care of yourself and get some rest whenever you can. Even during the day!

Marie x


I was beat. I am a morning person. Friday I rolled out of bed at 3:30 for the day. Larry was up. The day began. Did my list for the day plus my workout. Knew I would be exhusted and I was.

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First, I am so sorry, but THANK YOU for the laugh. I am so grateful that this time I get to read your story and get the laugh, and not laugh at myself for being the one who just went through that.

I agree with Marie_14. I have a small digital clock on my nightstand. It has a low light. Now that I am 77, close to 78, I am up several times in the night going to the bathroom. Sometimes it is a few hours past going to sleep and sometimes only 45 minutes.

I too am a deep sleeper, fall asleep quickly, up at 5:02AM, leave the house at 5:55AM for my 4 mile walk (M-F). It was that walk that kept me sane when my son became progressively limited in movement. I am asleep by 8:30PM.

When time provides, or order thro Amazon, get yourself a small clock with a slight light. It won't stop you from having to tend to Larry, but at least you won't be getting everyone dressed for the day and making breakfast at 8pm.

I find myself healing.

A big hug...............


I greatly doubt I will ever do that again. What really threw me off was it was light but overcast. We are having possible heavy showers over the weekend. I thought it was the rain clouds making it dark not the sun going down.

I do have a large digital clock that does have a PM light on it. I would have to look at the PM light which I didn’t even think about.

I see the humor in it in hindsight.


Regarding the weather that fooled you as to what time.....l can relate. We are having JUNE GLOOM here in Los Angeles. I sleep with my window open (black iron bars on window both for cosmetic and safety) and it's the birds chirping that lets me know it's morning.

Mexico won the 2nd game in their world series engagement. Jeff use to love to watch the world cup. He did not play soccer....had to protect his hands for his bass.

You sound better. I'm glad. In the future, when you share your memories with a friend or family, "this" story will bring a laugh to them and to you a bit of "bittersweetness".


Larry’s cousin Diane lived in Southern California for a number of years. We heard about June Gloom.


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