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School holidays started today. I'm at my daughter's house tonight then tomorrow I will be bringing our 2 grandchildren - girl aged 5 and a half and boy aged 3 and a half (that half is very important I'm told) to our house for a sleepover (without mummy and daddy). The grandchildren have been looking forward to this and marking the days off the calendar for the last 3 weeks so I hope it lives up to their expectations.

Weather forecast is not looking good so new games bought and ingredients for baking, but hopefully we will get some dry spells to get to the play park.

Think I might add a bottle of wine to shopping list, as W and I might need a glass after they've all gone home, on Sunday.

Hope everyone has as good a weekend as they can.

Lots of love, Nanny857 x

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Oh my grandchildren love a sleep over, tiring but love it, they stay up late, have me laughing, baking well ends up with a very messy kitchen, then they want to ice the cakes, and put hundreds and thousands on top, our dog has a field day, but they so love coming, my boys are six and a half and five, they are so loving. Girls are older 16 and 14 they love to come as well, we laugh so much, one of the things that keeps me going. Nanny have a wonderful time, you will both need the wine after they have gone home, be thinking of you enjoy your lovely grandchildren xxxx. Yvonne xxx.


You're right Yvonne it will be a right mess but it will be fun, they love baking and decorating the cakes/buns. Nanny857 xx


Have a great time! Been there done that! You will need the wine! Enjoy all!


Thanks honjen xx


Nanny857? No, Nanny Number 1! Have a lovely time. I bet the children will be head over heels with happiness!


Thanks EC for the promotion! xx


I love it when our grandchildren come, exhausted when they leave but worth every hectic minute. I'm sure you will too. Yours are at a lovely age as well, still young and small enough to manage, don't forget the half though!




As you say, hectic but worth it. I'm lucky in that I drive down to my daughter's on a Thursday evening, stay overnight and then look after the grandchildren on Fridays. Thankfully W is still able to come down on the train on a Friday and we collect him at the station.

It's great to be with them as they grow. The oldest has just finished her first year in primary school, it just flew by. The youngest starts the nursery in September and he can't wait.

Nanny857 x

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Have a good time. I find mine get more toppings in their mouth than on the cakes !!

Hope the sun shines, outside as well as in !

Certainly the wine !!!

love, Jean x

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Hi Jean, more on the floor in our house!!

Was a very wet day but had great fun with play doh, playing draughts with older one, she beat her Nanda and me. Next we all played Kerplunk and she won that too. Tomorrow is to be wet so we will be making soup and wheaten bread in morning for lunch and then go to indoor soft play area (to tire them out).

All sleeping now like little angels and I've had my glass of wine and boy did I enjoy it.

Love, Nanny857 xx


Last time I had 3 grand children staying [ 10, 12, 14 ] it rained and at the end of the day they all said they'd had a great time. We just played games with them, had a good laugh, and all made good memories. They insisted Chris joined in and when he needed to speak their three little faces were waiting for his words so intently. They loved interpreting what he meant and cheered when he got it right. All had a good time and I feel they are learning compassion and understanding.

Love, Jean x

I'm on my 3rd G/T !!!!


You are right Jean, it's all about making good memories. Even at their young age, our grandchildren have come to accept that Nanda can't keep up with their fast activity, but they love it when he reads to them or joins in on board games. When he wins, it's lovely seeing them telling him "well done, you won" you can see in their little faces they are really pleased for him. It's just a pity it has to be this way.

Hey 3rd, I need to catch up!!! Maybe not, 6.30am comes early when they will be climbing into our bedroom looking for breakfast. Enjoy, Nanny857 x


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