Another question about antidepressants

Maxwell123 is taking something called fluoxetine, and would like to know if anyone else has experience with this. (I'm forwarding her question for her, thinking it might not be noticed in the older post where she asked it.)

My guy takes a low dose of amitriptaline, supposedly to help him sleep (it doesn't) and to lessen the drooling (It does). I don't know anything about fluoxetine. Can anyone out there advise Maxwell123?

Thanks, everyone. I hope we all have a nice spring Saturday today...except those on the other side of the equator, I guess. Lovely fall day to you!

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  • I googled it. It's Prozac, used for depression or OCD. Haven't any experience though.


  • Ah, Prozac. Thanks, NannaB. That might get a few more replies!

  • George use to take it but could not get in with it, changed to citalapram which are much better xxx

  • I stopped taking the

    Citralopram when I concluded that they'd no diference

  • Fluoxetine is very safe and it works with the bodies chemistry rather than being a heavy drug as are all of the SSRI's (google it).

    Antidepressants is a commonly used term. A better term, as used by medics, is anxiolytic. SSRI's are a good entry anxiolytic for reducing anxiety and for lifting mood. I have had long experience of patients doing very well on this non addictive medication. My wife takes Citalopram (another SSRI) and it works wonders. She just feels a whole lot better in herself when on it (minimum dose).

    Here in the UK we would mostly start with Sertraline or Citalopram. But that is not to say Fluoxetine is wrong here.

    This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Just many years working in mental health as a practitioner.

  • Edit button please!

    Adding - we work on the basis of trying recommended medications and reporting any improvements and side effects back to the doctor. Some work and some don't - everyone is different.

    The important thing is not to start accumulating more and more medications which are not helping... Keep it to the minimum effective ones and keep reporting symptoms to the doctor... they may just have something to help ameliorate them.

    I do hope this is of some help.


  • Thanks, Kevin! Your informed advice is very welcome!

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