Hospitalized for a urinary tract infection?

My husband was admitted to the hospital today after spending the day in the emergency room.Yesterday his physical therapist told me his mid back was sensitive. We were going to have it checked but we were both tired and he seemed ok. This morning he was listless and burning up. His legs were like jelly. Luckily I had a handyman coming over and I had him help me. The nurse told me that at his age and with PSP the infection can spread through his body quickly and his systems could start shutting down. He is on an IV of antibiotics. The nurses told me to go and eat & sleep. That I looked awful. I felt bad leaving him but I was starving and had not slept the night before. So I came home. But once here my appetite was gone and I cannot sleep. With all his awful falls, stitches, contusions and concussions, this unnerved me more. I have never seen him like this and I am scared.

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  • Oh Goldcap, of course you are scared. Which one of us wouldn't be!

    But the nurse is right and you know it!!! Rest is the most important thing for you right now. Your husband will be well cared for in hospital. Your job is to be as rested as is possible, for when he comes home. We all know men are like little boys, after being in hospital, PSP will only make this worse! So force that food down, take some sleeping pills and REST.

    I really hope your loved one is feeling better, now they are pumping him with antibiotics. Keep us informed,

    Sending you lots of love and huge hugs!

    Lots of love


  • hi goldcap please do not be afraid mate it will all work out ok the main thing is to get yourself rested and fed properly and some well earned sleep mate then you will see things in a different light mate he will be fine matey just get yourself well enough to look after him when he comes out of hospital its no good the two of you being crook is it matey

    so come on now chin up get them eyes clear mate there you look better already just imagine what a good kip will do for you as well mate see yer take care of yourself all the best peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Oh peterjones,

    Your responses never fail to make me smile but this time I cried as well. Got some strange looks from those around me but I didn't care.

    Question for you-what's a good kip?!


    Clear eyed but Confused:)

  • Heady, it is back to boyhood around here! He was well enough to go home today and after being a pristine patient it is business as usual around here now. But after the scare I don't mind so much ( though I'm sure this too shall pass-ha). I can't tell you how much the hug and love meant to me. I always think I can do it all and all by myself as well. Silly me.

    Bear hugs & love to you!

    Jayne G.

  • So sorry you are going through this. Get some sleep and you will feel a lot better. I'm sure once the antibiotics kick in he will soon show a huge improvement.

    Best wishes to you both


  • Vicki, that's exactly what happened! They had to change the antibiotic twice but when it finally kicked in he responded very quickly. Thank you for your well wishes:)

    Best Jayne

  • I'm so sorry. That's such a sudden turn, after your nice evening out. Hang in there and try to rest. Sending you all the best wishes there are, and love, Easterncedar

  • Don't disappear, please, now that you are back with us. Let us know how your husband is doing, and you!!! Lots of love, ec

  • How are you and your husband today?

  • He came home today! His blood counts were normal and the other numbers came down. He has to remain on antibiotics because the chest x-ray showed congestion in lower lungs. Apparently the infection had involved his kidneys and entered his bloodstream as well. And you are so right. I should not disappear. I tend to be reclusive when things are not ok. Forgot had good it feels to feel supported and understood.

  • Easternceder is right! Please don't disappear again, we need you, you need us. How on earth are we ever to get through this "wonderful" (!!!!!!!) life, that some b.......... has thrown our way, if we don't stick together!

    Hope your husband is behaving himself, now he back at home!

    Lots of love


  • well gold cap never let it be said that peter never explained himself well mate its really quite simple A GOOD KIP MEANS A REALLY GOOD SLEEP MATE sorry about that mate now matey im hopeing that you have settled down now and everything is fine for you now mate and no more tears just dry your eyes and forget all about it matey ok matey see yer peter jones queensland Australia

    psp sufferer and if you ever get stuck in the mud again just drop us a line and we will see what we can do for you to pull you out take care matey they are a great bunch of people on here and always willing to help you out with a problem see yer matey

  • Hear! Hear!

  • Easterncedar, bit of insomnia so thought I'd check in. Things better here:)

  • Things very much up and down here, lack of sleep for me a big problem, but we went out for dinner with friends from Oregon last night, hadn't seen them in years, and we had a great time. Very fun! . It was our first time going to a restaurant with the wheelchair, hard for him to cross that line but it worked very well, so I'm glad we managed it. He had had three bad falls earlier in the day, so I insisted.

    Anyway, I'm at work now but planning on dashing back to get him out of bed and dressed. He was sleeping like a stone when I left!

    Better do some work. Tell me how you are doing! Love, Ec

  • peterjones,

    I thought a kip was like a "nip" of spirits os sorts, so i had a little wine and I did end up getting a good night sleep. So I guess I did follow your advice!

    But the mister is doing better after his setback thank you very much. Was up out of bed with his walker today with a therapist the hospital ordered. So I guess the good that came out of the bad was that he is getting home therapy. Thank you for your kind words and support. You never fail to cheer me up!


  • hi goldcap well mate i am glad that you had a good nights KIP mate and I am more than pleased that mister is doing well but I wild not encourage a wine all the time for a kip mate I shall have to watch hat words I use wont I matey sometimes a good drop can keep you \awake as \well anyway matey have a great day see yer matey peter jones queensland Australia psp customer give my regards to your other half mate

  • Will do peterjones and the best to your, (dare I say "better half":) . That's what my husband calls me now.

  • yes goldcap you can call her my better half mate you see I know its true but does she ? I have never told her perhaps now is the time a mate peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke who is going to beat this please say hi to your husband for me as well was great you coming out of hospital i just want to wish you well i know nothing is easy with this psp mate so good on yer

  • Peter, you should tell her bet it will make her whole day!

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