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PSP and mini strokes

My dad was diagnosed 4 years ago with psp. He will be 76 this year. My mom has been his caregiver and both my parents have moved into our home so that my husband and I can help care for him. He slurs most his words, and at around 6ish in the evening, when he is due to take his dementia medicine, he starts repeating one sentence over and over. He was recently Catheterised due to frequent trips every hour and not being able to empty his bladder. I know when he was first diagnosed, and an MRI was done, it showed signs of a minor infarction in the frontal lobe. We don't know how long ago that was. Recently I believe he had a mini stroke, droopy face, drool, and numbness none of which were permanent. I was not there when it happened, going off of what my mom told me. 3 days ago, I went to pick kids up from school and when I returned. Mom was helping dad stand to walk around a bit and I noticed he was leaning to the left a lot and was unable to straighten up even when he sat back in his chair. I asked mom what happened and she said nothing. The next day he seemed to be able to straighten up again but I noticed yesterday and more today that his right eye is extremely blood shot. I'm concerned that he is having mini strokes . Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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I have heard of this Happening with PSP-C


Hi momto5

I can't comment on the possibility of strokes, you need to get medical advice on that.

However, my hubby who has PSP does lean to the left and when sitting to the right. His left leg is weaker than the right one, a bit stiffer and less likely to follow commands to move. His falls are always to the left. At the time of PSP diagnosis we were told that this is quite often seen in PSP sufferers. Hopefully you find help/solution to your concerns.

love Maddy.


If you suspect mini-strokes you will need to seek immediate medical advice. There is a condition called vascular Parkinsons that has some similar symptoms to atypical Parkinsons resulting from small strokes (caused by blood clots). While this condition should be seen on a MRI scan it was obviously not seen on his early MRI scan.

Additionally, Cortical Basal Degeneration (a very close relative of PSP) may be considered in MaddyS hubby because it shows up as asymetrical (one side more thab the other).

It is not uncommon for PSP sufferers to have other conditions alongside, such as

CBD - unfortunately, it's very very difficult to know what multiple conditions co-exist until an autopsy is performed. Sounds morbid, so sorry if this is "too much information"

I was wondering what PSP-C was as noted by lepman50.



Sorry to hear of the problems your Dad is experiencing. Mum also has had a couple of "mini-strokes". Nobody can tell us whether this is connected to the PSP or just another, different medical problem running alongside. Mum takes daily asprin to try and prevent further strokes but do tell your Dad's GP about your concerns. In addition, we have noticed that Mum becomes a bit "one-sided" if she has a urine infection so might be worth ruling that out ,too!

Good luck

Kathy x


My dad has a bladder infection, just found out today. He's not leaning anymore but very disoriented today. He goes to hid neurologist at the end of this month. Thank you everyone for your responses, it's nice to have others to talk too about what's happening.


This used to happen to my brother quiet a lot in the last year of his life , we too thought he was having mini strokes, he was admitted to hospital for tests then we were told he was having seizures he was put on Epilum Chrono which did help. .. It's well worth having a chat with his G.P. .. Hope everything work's our for you .. xxxx


Thank you Aine. I will definitely discuss this at his next appt.


PSP-C = Progressive Supranuclear Palsy / With / Cortical Basel Degeneration , its a Sub type of PSP Like, PSP-P, PSP-C....I found that there are, I believe four other sub types of PSP while I have been on my quest of learnning about this Condition....


Lehman 50

I'm not familiar with the sub types. Can you explain psp-p and psp-c?


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