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Cellulitis - is it a problem?

Dad had a cut on his knee that was getting a bit swollen so the staff at his care home called the Gp, who put him on antibiotics. Today they rang to say that they were taking him to the hospital because it wasn't responding to them. Now they've said he's being kept in so I'm on my way to pick up an overnight bag for him.

Is this a thing that PSP sufferers are susceptible to? Or is his system just not responding to the antibiotics?


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Ooh I'm really sorry to hear that!!

Your poor dad!

How did he get the cut?

Do you like the care home?



It was a graze from a fall, the home did dress it, but I think he kept messing with the dressing (he can't leave things alone, he's always picking!).

The home is usually good, but they seem to regularly forget that I have a full-on job, a family and I don't drive, so I get a lot of calls along the lines of "Could you just take Dad to A&E"...


Just googled cellulitis _ bacterial infection of the skin. Wound with celulitis will be swollen and hot usually occuring on the legs. If left untreated it can turn dangerous. It is good he is going to the hospital . This may not be so common to PSP as it is with folks who don't get enough hydration and stimulation of the lower extrememties due to sitting. Natrually our folks are going to be more suseptable to this infection as they get more advanced in PSP and sitting is there main....everything.....and hygeine that is or cannot be an independent course of action for the patient. Now that you know your dad is suseptable to celulitis (we all are) Be vigilant that no sore goes untreated.....clean it, bandage it , redress often. and look for signs of wound getting worse. Immediatly call dr if it is! My take on preventing infection is get the blood flowing with exercise and gentle massage so that blood doesn't pool slowing up the healing process. Good vitamin and mineral supplements for the health of the skin is; Vitamin:

A- found in egg yolks and orange veggies helps create collagen which is necessary for the development of new skin

B- metabolizes carbs that help to grow and move skin cells

C-antioxidizer, creates collagen, fights off infection, helps to absorb iron* that provides wound with extra oxygen and energy for faster healing.

Iron* see C

remember prevention is key and immediate medical attention is necessary....

Just another thing to be diligent about,

hope he heals quickly


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I've never heard of it being a particular problem with PSP but anyone can get it. I've had it 3 times but it did respond to antibiotics. It was very hot, very painful and very red. Mine was once on my lower back, once on my tummy and once on my arm around the elbow. I think mine started with insect bites which I scratched and they became infected. Never scratch with fingers when you are gardening.

I hope your dad soon recovers from this.



Thank you. x

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My husband has had cellulitis about 4 times, the last one being quite serious. It meant he was in hospital for 10 days on an intravenous antibiotic drip. He was not able to walk properly for weeks (it started in his ankle) and had to have his leg dressed by a nurse at the GP surgery for several weeks afterwards because the skin just peeled off. The infection spread right up his leg to the knee joint. I thought he was susceptible because he is Type 2 diabetic.

It can be quite a serious thing if it is not treated quickly.



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