Trip to Cornell, Ithaca, New YOr

Dear Easterncedar,

I gat very confused, but I THINK it was you who wrote about my trip to see my grand daughter at Cornell in Ithaca, New York.  It was so wonderful to be in that area, but I have to say, IT IS COLD THERE.  I loved seeing my grand daughter and her school and new friends.  She is on the crew team and loves her school, friends and crew team.  The flight was very difficult, both ways, making my head and neck so uncomfortable, but, it was worth it. I am still tired from it!

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  • Yes, it was me!  I am sorry you didn't get any good warm spring weather when you were here in the east.  This has been a very iffy month or two, alternating unseasonable warmth and unseasonable cold. It's going to be a beautiful spring when it finally gets here, I think.  We'll be ready for it, that's for sure.

     My two younger sisters both went to Colgate, not far from Cornell, and one was on the crew team.  We enjoyed going to the Head of the Charles races in Boston to watch her compete.  I envied her the experience. I'm sure your granddaughter will have lots of fun with it, too.

     Flying certainly isn't as pleasant as it once was. I find it exhausting and uncomfortable, too.  I hope you are glad to be home and can get some rest for a bit.

    It's good to hear from you.  Do keep in touch.  All the best, easterncedar

  • Yes, we've been having crazy weather here in Kentucky as well. 80 degrees one day and then the thermometer plummets to below freezing the next.   My daughter was on the crew team at Murray State University, a fairly small college in the western part of Kentucky.   We used to attend several of their races and thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls compete.  So peaceful seeing them move down the river in unison.   This was about 14 years ago, well before PSP entered our lives ... I think.


  • One of these days I'm going to get a shell and try it.  I love being on the water. I have a little 45-pound canoe, suitable for one, lighter than most kayaks, which I can carry easily and put in almost anywhere. And there are lots of places in Maine for it; the Kennebec River runs right through this city and is lots of fun, and there are lakes all around.  Last year I didn't use it once, though. Psp does get in the way of playing, that's for sure.

  • Kim and I used to love to canoe on our lake.  We have a lake house on a nearby lake that's about 1.5 hours away from our home in Louisville.   We try to go there most weekends, except during winter, when we only go about once a month.  We have all the water toys ... pontoon, wave runner, kayaks, a canoe.  I can still manage to get Kim up on the pontoon, or at least I was able to last summer.   Hoping we will have more good times to share yet.  Our son and his family live in Nashville and our daughter and her family live nearby in Louisville.   We had everyone down this past weekend.  It was kind a cold, so we all just stayed in the lake house and ate and ate and ate.  I managed to gain 6 pounds!   I've got to get busy and work it off, as I belong to Weight Watchers and am a lifetime member, as long as I keep my weight to a certain number and weigh in at least once a month.   I have 16 days to lose this extra weight or else I will have to start paying their weekly fee.  And I'm too cheap to do that again.  :-)   If I'm still off a bit, I usually just strip down to my underwear (some of the ladies there need a good laugh).

    Take care!


  • Just lost a reply.  I wanted to say how glad I am to hear you are able to travel with Kim to your lake house.  She must be doing much better! It sounds like a very good time, with kids and grands - how many do you have?

    When I was a kid my family used to drive through Kentucky every few years on our way to visit my grandfather in Florida.  My parents varied the route quite a bit from one trip to the next so we'd get to see as much of the country as they could show us. We all thought it was one of the loveliest states. 


  • We have 2 granddaughters.  5 1/2 and 1 1/2.  I know my daughter plans to have one more.  I didn't think my son and daughter-in-law were going to have any more, but after this weekend, she dropped a hint that they are now considering it.   My son and daughter were always so competitive.   So I think that may have something to do with their change of minds.  :-)

    Yes, KY is beautiful, but it's too cold for me.  Someday I plan to buy a condo in Florida and be a snow bird.  Then I come back in the summer and live at the lake house.

  • Sounds like a nice plan.  I love winter, so may have to keep moving north! We try to go to the mountains every weekend, where my sweetheart has a place. A fire in the woodstove and we are all set for entertainment.  I will be a little sorry when it's too warm for that!

  • Hi. We are in NYC. We have relatives in Owensboro KY and some in Louisville. Any where near you??

  • We live in Louisville, in the eastern part of town.

  • If Giovenco and Flynn are familiar we may know the same people.

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