End of week 1 Respite

Well in 1 week I pick Jim up at his respite from me. Started the day with a call from home telling me he had a fall while trying to reach his glasses. He hasn't cared whether he had them on or not for months. Oh well it was a soft fall and no injuries. Went for a mani-pedi and massage. A gift from my daughter and my husband for my birthday last week. Glorious!!! I have packed and ready to go to a conference for the Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star in Ontario for 4 days. Time flies. Looking forward to old faces and new friends. Next Friday will come quickly. I realize how much I miss him beside me in the life we built together and he can no longer participate in. I am not ready to let go but know it is coming. I hope I can cope when I pick him up next Friday.

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  • Oh, where in Ontario will you be, I wonder? My dear grandma was a faithful member of the OES all her life. I hope you have a splendid time at your conference. Easterncedar

  • Toronto.

  • What a great city. I grew up in Niagara Falls, ny, close enough to see the Toronto skyline across the lake on a clear day. I'm a little envious!

  • Hope you enjoy your freedom. I haven't heard of the OES. Have a good time

    Its a practice at separating, isn't it ?

    Jean x

  • Relax and enjoy. You need and deserve it.


  • Enjoy your break - you deserve it. I can empathise totally with your last three sentences, I echo those sentiments exactly.

  • Hi, hope you have a lovely week off! Please, please try and relax and enjoy you time. Don't waste it, feeling guilty or worrying. Jim will be fine. Already, just by looking for his glasses, shows its doing him good has well!

    I completely understand about missing your husband. We went away with a big family group, last weekend. I suddenly looked around, wondering where S was. I was actually pushing him, in his wheelchair! I was looking for the old S!!!! Don't want to do that again. Quite proud of myself, I didn't let on!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh,

    Heady. That defines poignant. Good for you for soldiering on. Hugs, ec

  • Thanks!

    Lots of love


  • I had a great week respite it was great now back to normal again feeling like I cant do this much longer.

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