Well we were up at 6 o'clock this morning to go to the hospital for George's appoinrment, we left at 7.20 took us over 2 hours to get there, our daughters left work to meet us, when we got to the clinic it was very quite, only to be told that there was no clinic today, we could not believe it, the man on the desk said all I can do is apologies, he said a letter had been sent out, to cancel the appointment, and a new one had been made for the following week, we never had a letter to tell us that it had been cancelled.

Another hour and a half to come home, and then go back next week, can't believe it. So fed up with all this, so many mistakes.

Doctor said we should be getting CHC, and he would give us a letter to support us, that was not done either, but his secretary was so lovely she is trying to get it for us, nurse is coming on Wednesday so wanted it all in place.

Isn't our life bad enough as it is without all these problems, life is horrible as it is do we need more problems all the time.

Love to you all Yvonne xxxxx

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  • Oh dear Yvonne, I really feel for you, we have enough to put up with without these ridiculous mistakes from so called health professionals, they have absolutely no idea what we are going through and apparently don't seem to care at times!

    Big hug to you both....Pat xx

  • My heart breaks for you Yvonne :(. Why is it that nothing ever goes right to add to the things we have to deal with every day. The system is broken and has been for a long time. I dread making calls to find out why I received or did not receive a letter that I should of. The representatives are not very well educated by the companies, who ever they may be and it goes on and on.


    Audrey (aka audddonz)

  • I dont know how they think people in such a state can travel so far to these appointments!!!

  • After all you went through before this? How maddening and painful and exhausting. I am so sorry for you, Yvonne, and angry on your behalf. Someone needs a dope-slapping!

  • I don't mind the traveling, just want them to get it right, they made so many mistakes over the last month.

    Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Sorry about all of that, Yvonne. It definitely seems like when it rains it pours.

  • Someone else went to (the vetrans Admin.)appt. today with all the same preparations as yall, just to be told that patient's file was lost etc. Could VA not have called them prior to appt to tell them this gem of information! I am sorry.

    TO DO LIST: ALWAYS CALL A DAY AHEAD OF TIME TO CONFIRM APPT.....SPECIFIC NEEDS (ID) INSURANCE ETC. HEY EVEN URINE.(B had to pee at home and bring it back the next appt.!)

    Better Day tomorrow


  • I feel for you both what an awful situation with the thought of another trip next week. I would ring the day before to check it is all going ahead. Just another task to add to the list. Life is very unfair sometimes. Xx

  • Oh when will this ever end! Always, always if something can go wrong, it does, but with bells on!!! Sad thing is, that final straw is ALWAYS something really trivial, so everyone thinks YOU are the neurotic one!

    Feel for you Yvonne, hope you and George have a quiet day today to recover!

    Lots of love


  • Glad we are close to hospital, but I have been through the frustration of cancelled appointments with non-existent letters. I now always phone the day before to check clinics are still on. No use for you with the early start is the cancellation on the day phone call. I have been called with clinic cancellation a hour before the appointment with Margaret in car and me locking up very frustrating. All I can say is good luck with CHC application, you both need it. Best wishes Tim

  • why cant the hospital telephone instead of writing a letter which could get lost in the post ?

  • Yes they could phone, email, but I think sometimes these things are sent to try us. Relaxing today Yvonne xxxx

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