What color is PSP?

Just read the wonderful post about support of breast cancer. And I am sure one or two of us have loved ones with this dreaded condition! I support the need to find a way to eradicate the demon from women's (and some men's) bodies. In the US, almost 300,000 women will have some form of breast cancer in their lifetime. That's 1 in 8 or 12 % of the women in the US who will have breast cancer in their lifetime! It deserves a color; alot of recognition; drugs; machines; awareness; yearly exams; prevention.

There are US football players showing their support and awareness by wearing pink football gear. Our news people head Awareness Drives and talk about it on the nightly news. Our grandmas and mothers had it; our sisters are trying to survive it; Joann,e my fellow sister in Christ just died of it; One of us might get it! To all of this I am humbled. And then I turn to my husband. No machines ; no drugs, no news, no doctors, The only support is this site....Thankyou HEalthUnlocked. And yet I still must ask:

What color is PSP?


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  • How about blue as in colour and feelings, as well as sad jazz, PSP certainly gives me and M the blues, but the music is uplifting. Frivolous I know but may be too much a male colour. Another option could be red as in anger rage and frustration.

    Thanks for the diversion from settling M to sleep.


  • Huh? Am I Blue by Billie Holiday. Sing it with PSP in mind and it becomes so clear! I do love the blues....In fact I thought it was a rather smart post so I proudly read it to B and I immediately became blue. I wasn't feelin so smart after I read it to poor B.


  • Sorry to have upset B, forgotten Billie Holiday I was thinking of Count Bassie "every day I have the Blues" and " Blue and Sentimental" or Ella's "cry me a river". Oh so many good jazz blues from the 40's to the 70's. Better stop or I will get morbid again, think I had better switch to red and rage against PSP. M eventually stopped choking now asleep. I had better sign off and catch some shut eye before the 0100 toilet trip.

    Have a good night (afternoon where you are).


  • I hope this note finds you resting Tim


  • I was thinking clear since our loved seem to be disappearing a little more each day. At least mine is.

  • Black!

    Lots of love


  • Grey, maybe sepia tone with blurred edges. Fifty shades of PSP....

  • In UK the PSPA colour is a dark turquoise blue and we have awareness bracelets in that colour like the pink ones for breast cancer.


  • Oh I wonder if we have those in US!? Thank You!


  • I agree WITHyou VIKKI


    );lol jill

  • \\\\ hi mrs avb hows it going ok I hope and \no big problems for you apart from the usual \now what bout corn flower blue mate i believe it\s the colour of the motor neurone mob that's what i was originaly dxnosed with but with that you go off a lot quicker mate but I think it's lot like psp matey or vice versa because a lot of the thing are pretty much the same mate anyway mrs avb get some shut eye while things are quiet

    peterjones queensland Australia best wishes to you and yours matey

  • In the uk we have ed's lace. Dark turquoise I think.

  • Deep purple. Because it is blue and red combined.

    ... Or is it an ugly puke green?


    What a great question!

  • BLACK! CurePSP provided me with some T-Shirts that are black with white lettering. On the backside, it says "I HATE PSP". We wear our shirts out occasionally. What amazes me is how few people have ever stopped me and asked me what PSP stood for. Of course when they do, I give them an ear full.

    I updated my profile with a picture of us wearing those shirts. Now everyone gets to see what Ketchupman looks like, as well as his lovely bride. :-)

    Take care! Be blessed!


  • I looked it up for US and it is turquoise and I bought magnets from UK and they came with cure psp green and blue separately.


  • What is the color! well there surely has been alot of answers. Turquoise seems to be PSPAs color ....sort of like the top band of my screen!

    Whatever it may be or that you want it to be, I thank all of you for sharing. I certainly feel better now than while I was writing.

    May your day be filled with color that the sunshine brings!


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