Raising money for PSP

Raising money for PSP

Hi all, My daughter Amanda is doing the Velocity Zip Wire (longest in Europe and fastest in the world) this Saturday (13th August) to raise money for The PSP Association. Our Nan has been suffering with PSP for many years now, so this is very close to all our hearts. If anyone could possibly share her page on their social media sites to spread awareness and to try and help her get to her target amount, it would be very very much appreciated. Thank you so much xxx //www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Amanda-Fox5

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  • Wow!!! Excellent job!!

    I'll spread the word!

    Good luck to you 👏👏👏👏😓

  • Thank you so much, very much appreciated x

  • Wonderful!

    Has she contacted the PSP Association fundraising department? They may be able to help promote her too.

    All the best


  • Hi, I will contact them today and see what they can do. Thank you so much x

  • Shared! Thanks for what you are doing.x

  • Thank you for the share, much appreciated x

  • And Ditto NannaB !!!! Well done Amanda (with the same name as my baby girl - who is now nearly 25years of age!!!).. xxx

  • Thank you so much, I have shown her all the messages of support to boost her, as I think she is starting to get a little nervous now and even though I am not doing it myself I know I will not be able to open my eyes until she finishes! I am sure she will do great though, so proud of her! xxx

  • Cool...I'm not sure I know how to share more than word of mouth...But that is soooo COOOOl...We have a zip line in our back yard.....If yuo fall off you get back up...6 foot drop not so hard...hahaha Tell her I said good luck, have fun, Don't puke... itll comes back at ya!(sorry) hahah...

    Totally fun what a great wait to raise awareness!


  • that wait should be way....

  • hahaha thank you x

  • Hey where do we send contributions...I'm on a site right now and have "address"

  • Thank you for the address I just posted it on UTube at Zip World Velocity I just saw it was an August 2014 post so I may have to take your address elsewhere ....Im so proud of myself I cut and pasted as if I were 25! Im gonna have to tell my daughter !!!!

    Gettin savvy,


  • hahahaha thank you so much for your help with this, it is very much appreciated and your a step a head of me I still have to get my daughters to do everything for me still xxx

  • Well like I said I may have sent it to a place that does not get looked at....but like you said I usually need my daughter to help me do anything on this machine...hahaha Hey let 'em try to fix a carburetor....wait I can't either.....but at least I know what it's for! Reaching for a joke some times leaves one flat ones face!


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