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Poems about PSP

My wife was diagnosed with PSP in 2005 and is now in the later stages of this horrible disease.

I wrote a couple of poems about the impact of PSP on our lives in 2005 and again in 2007.

I originally posted these on the PSP forum, but have attached them below for the folks who use his site.

PSP -- Our Message – CARPE DIUM

A silent assassin in the brain

Quietly destroying without causing pain

Destroying the very cells of existence

Slowly but surely with no known resistance

The outward signs are hard to perceive

As initially it develops at its own speed

But slowly a signature starts to appear

As changes creep in with each passing year

Dexterity, balance, speech, vision and gait

Are amongst the functions that deteriorate

With each case following a different line

In differing degrees and speeds of decline

It changes your familiar way of life

Your role as a parent or husband or wife

Your dreams for the future become more obscure

Your ability to cope seeming far less secure

The PSP Association is there for you

Increasing awareness and research too

Providing help and support through its various teams

Trying to minimise the impact on your future dreams

As researchers strive to find a cure

And help from family, friends and carers near

Don’t give up hope , that’s not the way

Take our advice, LIVE FOR THE DAY


Together but alone written 2007

For 41 years we’ve lived as one

We shared our lives together

We shared our thoughts together

We shared our plans together

We shared our dreams together

We shared our joys together

We shared our problems together

We shared our sorrows together

We shared our love together

We laughed together

We talked together

We cried together

We created a family together

We shared our holidays together

We shared our family duties together

We shared our days together

We shared our nights together

But now the dream has ended as PSP appeared

Our lives have changed forever

Our lives have lost their spark

Our lives have lost their fun

Our lives are together but alone

Our dreams are shattered

Our sharing destroyed

Our future uncertain

Our lives on hold

Our roles have changed

Our conversation dulled

Our compassion diluted

Our horizons reduced

Our bond has changed

Our dependencies have changed

Our togetherness has changed

Our contributions have changed

Our worries enormous

Our fears growing

Our nerves on edge

Our frustrations intense

Our days are restless

Our nights are restless

Our dreams for a cure

But through all this

Our lives have changed but our love remains

Carpe Diem

I hope they are of benefit

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hi roger

very serious but i understand completely

love jill


so beautifully written x


I really like your "Carpe Dium" poem. My wife has PSP, so I identify with your feelings completely. You may be interested to know that I will be sharing your poem with our PSP support group in Dallas, Texas. You are reaching more people with your poem than you know.

Garvin Tate


The poems are written from the heart and anyone who is caring for a loved one with PSP can identify exactly with these words.

Sorry to hear your wife's condition has deteriorated and I send love and best wishes that you will continue to find strength to care for her.

Make sure you take care of yourself too! - Most important!!!

SuzieQ xx


Your poems are so succinct and say exactly what we are going through at the moment. My husband has had psp for about 4 years and is noticeably worsening month by month. The 2007 poem really has resonance with us.

So sorry to hear your wife is so ill, my best wishes go to you both in the hope you have the strength for the stage you are at with psp.





The words you have written resonate with us all. My thoughts are with you and your wife

Lesley x


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