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2019 – The Year for a Cure

2018 has passed… another year for the history books. It was the year of the left, the year of the right and everything in between. For many, it was a good year and for others… not so much. In our group, we said goodbye to a number of PSP warriors who had fought the good fight against an adversary, hell bent on taking prisoners and eventually defeating them in the end.

I (we) shared in each and every loss of a loved one, often praying a silent thank you for their release from the clutches of this insidious disease. We have others who are further along into the struggle, praying and remaining hopeful for promising results into ongoing research. It is shared hope… a common thread between us.

We have also welcomed new members to the group… the group no one wanted to belong too, but are grateful it is here. PSP is a family affair, affecting not just the patient, but their loved ones as well. The group has become a safe place for most to share experiences, wins and losses, information and ideas and support for others along the journey. I’m grateful for those who, having gone through their own personal loss of a loved one to PSP, choose to actively remain engaged in the group.

Now, more than ever, we as a world-wide group must use social media platforms to raise awareness for PSP, CBD and MSA. Awareness creates understanding, understanding creates support, support for research towards treatment-cure. I know how difficult it can be after a trying morning, afternoon, night or day to muster up the strength and thought towards ideas for raising awareness or fundraising initiatives. I think it’s incumbent upon all of us touched by PSP to make an effort… large or small to put a check mark beside; a cure for PSP, CBD and MSA. Lets’ make 2019 the Year for a Cure.

Tim x

9 Replies
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Tim you are a brilliant writer and I love this post as will many others!! Let’s hope you can rally the support these illnesses so rightfully deserve x

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Agree with Amanda: Well said- a good introduction to 2019.

Thank you Tim! ✔️✔️✔️

Anne G.

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Well said daddyt....your a warrior!

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Great post daddy. I understand PSPA are going to repeat last year's 5k fund raising event later this year. I'm hoping I will be able to take part along with other family members and friends. xx

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That would be great! Why not make it a challenge to your friends and gets some extra media attention.

Tim x

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Tim, you are inspirational. I so admire you!

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daddyt in reply to easterncedar

Hello Sarah - how are you doing? Hope things are well with you. 2019 - The Year for a Cure... or a successful treatment at the very least. The push is on... first I have to be able to get up lol. Hopefully by the end of this year most everyone will know or at least heard of PSP.

Tim xx

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Knowing that almost all body and mental problems are due to inflammation, I have started giving my PSP ridden wife, the following:

Turmeric powder, black pepper powder, cinnamon powder, Brahmi capsule, Ashwagandha arishtam mixed in 1 spoon of honey and topped with 1 tablespoon of pressed coconut oil. Though she had lost her voice, she is slowly getting it back, gaining short term memory even slower. Am also giving her craniopathic ( head massage) to disturb the static plaque formation.

On top of all this I have put my wife under a reflexologist therapy.

It's a brighter future for my wife than 3 months ago.

Never give up! If there is a problem, it's solution accompanies!

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Lets "get 'er done," lets find the cure on 2019! Love the hummingbird photo.

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