Made it!

Hi folks!

Well I got S home safe and sound! Oh, the stress and strain of trying to keep him safe for the last two months have been hard! Least now I know, if he falls, I know what to do, I will have my daughter and sister around to help. S's son is close by, useless, but close!!!

The journey went well, followed the same policy as going out, was very pro-active with S, made sure he had everything, toilet visits at quiet times, so I was able to relax, therefore, don't feel too bad today!

It was heartbreaking, saying goodbye to family that we finally got to know, living in South Africa. We will miss the place, hopefully the sale will happen soon, so it will be another worry off my back!

Been to see my mother, who has Alzheimer's, got put in a home while I was away, the difference was incredible. Her hair, that made her look like the wild woman of Borneo, is now clean, shiny and wavy. It's surprising what food can do for someone! One less thing to concern me.

Our new bathroom will certainly make a huge difference to S, nearly finished, only the grab rails and mirror to put in. Looks good, well, once I have cleaned the place, you could write your name in the dust around the house (yes, my cleaner has been in, while I have been away!!!). Just got to decide how to accessorise it, colour of towels etc and fill the cupboards and I will be pleased with the room!

So all in all, not a bad start to the first day of the rest of my life!!!

Lots of love


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  • Welcome home Heady. It's good the journey home went well. I hope you get rid of the dust soon. The trouble with builders dust, it lingers in the air so you can thoroughly clean only to find the next day it is all back again. It took ages to clean up after our wet room was installed.

    Colour of flannels and towels? May I suggest dark grey ( light flannel for top half though). I have no idea what some of Colin's carers do with the towels. I started off with pale blue but they were soon ruined. When I showered him they were fine. I discovered that some were giving him a shower wearing their outdoor shoes and then wiping the floor with the towel after drying him, even though there is a mop in the room. I now make sure they wear over shoes. Hopefully you won't have this problem.

    I hope the house sale goes smoothly.

    Enjoy springtime back in England. The hot weather seems to have disappeared but only for a short while I hope.

    Have a good week.

    Nanna B


  • S and I often think we should hire ourselves out to drought ridden countries, we rarely fail to bring rain! My South Africian family knew we had landed, by the change in weather, left on a heatwave, kids knew we were home, when it started raining!!!

    I do plan for dark towels, I don't need carers to ruin towels, my husband is quite capable of doing that, all by himself!!! Good idea about overshoes though, I'll remember that, when the time comes!

    Lots if love


  • Welcome home, Heady,

    What do you do when S. falls ? I find Chris can fall when I am very close. I now have a camel to get him up, which gives me confidence.

    I know what you mean about builders dust. I think I still have some on picture rails!

    Regarding caring for Chris,I find it difficult to get it right - he thrived in Yorkshire with plenty of attention but seems to tire quickly alone with me. He really wants lots of my attention ! But also needs rest and is more likely to fall when tired. I feel my life closing in.

    Make sure you are well rested after your travels.

    Love, Jean

  • hi doglinton well mate if you look at it in the cool light of day when chris was in Yorkshire he had lots of people around him and something going on all the time so he went with it ]]] now there is only you around him and he feels tired well you know yourself when you do not have much to do yourself it makes you tired so there is nothing to worry about matey its just human nature or psp that is making him tired I feel the same way except when I close my eyes and everybody thnks I am bored with their company or im ready to go to sleep except its this dam psp with my eyes closing ah well mate soldier on one foot in front of the other take care and enjoy yourself mate don't let psp take over your life as well see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer I hope you can understand this em matey what im getting at

  • Hello, Peter Jones.

    Yes. I understand and its good to hear from a sufferer and be reminded how tired they feel. You encourage us to keep making the most of life. I hope you are keeping well.

    Love from Jean

  • hi doglinton hows it going mate ok I hope and your other half hows he doing good I hope matey I know that new cant help making a nuisence of ourselves but we do try mate --- I am glad to hear that you are making the best out of life mate thats the idea matey stick with it there might be a cure just around the corner you never know do you , keep your spirits up have a great day take care peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer and keeping fit merchant or trying to . see yer say hi to husband for me mate

  • My husband is very cheered by your comments, Peter.

    He is always hopeful of feeling better. We are getting about as much as we can whilst Chris can walk with a stick. I'm sure attitude of mind helps at this stage.

    I do find it hard to keep to keep cheerful when we are together and he stays silent. When I say I need a response from him he thinks he has nodded or spoken. Its hard for both of us but we try not to dwell on it.

    Keep up the good fight, Peter Jones !!

    love from, Jean and Chris

  • hi doglinton thanks for your reply tell chris I use a cane all the time and a walker its better than falling over ALL THE TIME MATE I still have a fall with my cane but I try and be careful like trying to plan ahead and I say to myself you are not going to fall over you are not going to fall over and over I go no only joking ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; but I do try and plan my way around chris I think THINK is a better word than plan you might have seen my message about every time I went to the fridge I used to fall over then one day it came to me ;; don't get so close to it stand back a arms length that way after you have got what you want you do not have to shuffle back because that's what buggers you up the shuffling backwards mate and turning is another thing that is a problem for us the trouble is you have to keep thinking all the time if you don't want to fall my wife is my carer mate I tell her to get out of the way if it looks like I am going to fall otherwise I will grab hold of her and then she might be in trouble as well she is only a sleight person and I am nearly 13 stone now but of course is that is all muscle ahem ahem I used to walk every day but since the falling got worse I don't go now and I have packed on the weight unfortunately but whatever will be will be sounds like an doris day song doesnt it mate ah well I had better let you go now so take care mate and don't go running around the block will you it was nice to have this chat with a fellow sufferer see yer chris don't let it get you down im not that's for sure I try and make the best of each day peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Thanks, Peter. Chris was thrilled to read your reply. He finds it hard to remember to pause. He will try to say "THINK" as soon as he stands up. He is sensible about using his cane and walker but forgets his limitations. He sets off thinking he can climb Everest until he exhausts himself. Then he has to sleep.

    It really cheers him to talk to a fellow sufferer who shares the same determination. Chris is 12 1/2 stone too and when he falls its like a giant. He is 6ft, 1" but he has an amazingly tough head. It looks a bit dented, mind !!

    Good luck, Peter Jones. love, Jean

  • a little tip ;;;;;;;;; hi doglinton hows chris going along these days matey ok I hope well chris how are you getting on I think ive been ok with the eyes mate this goes for everyone who cares to try it and it will not cost you a cent or penny or anything

    at all you ready chris right here we go well first of all you put your hand up as if you were shielding your eyes from the sun the let your hand come down to cover your eyes and lift up your eyelids with your thumb and first finger putting your hand over your eyes keeps any light out but not tightly chris after a while they will close again but i found its better than screwing up your face and trying to get them open and nothing is happening so give it a go I think its keeping the light out or brightness that let 's you open them easier it works for me I hope it does for you and others that care to read this mail give it a go you have nothing to lose see yer chris until next time peter jones queensland Australia take care matey see yer

    and please let me know how you get on good or bad mate

  • Thanks, Peter. Chris thinks your idea of shielding your eyes helps. Its important to feel there are things you can do to keep control,isn't it ?

    We are off to Majorca next week. A bit nervous but you have to keep doing things, don't you ? I know YOU do !!

    Chris is feeling very loved at the moment as family members, especially younger ones are visiting him. It cheers him. I say he is reaping the results of being a fun uncle. He is still the man he always was for them.

    Our grand children also give him a lot of pleasure.

    Keep smiling. love Jean and Chris

  • hi doglinton look you have a great time in Majorca well I know you will and keep on doing things until you cant possibly do them anymore mate off for a bit of sunshine a matey plenty of vitamin d

    will be great for both of you but don't stay in the sun to long will you its like here its ok in moderate doses anyway you have a great time chris let me know all about it when you return see yer take care peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Hi Jean, S can get up by himself, I have to tell him how though! We have been practising for about four years now, something I started after a knee op. For some reason, I thought it would be a good exercise! Funny how you do things without knowing why! Must find out about these Camels you all talk about, as no doubt we will need it soon.

    Lots of love


  • hi heady I saw a family of camels once they had all been swiped by a road train that was just outside of ALICE SPRINGS now thats made your day mate hasn't it I knew it would best regards to S for me well matey have a great day see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke

  • Thank you Peter! Needed something to smile about today!

    Lots of love


  • you are most welcome heady especially that you had a smile as well see yer regards to S for me peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke

  • Welcome home Heady, to the rain, but hopefully it will improve, good luck with the dust our house came with wet room, so we did not have that problem, we changed the kitchen floor and there was so much dust. Glad you had a good flight back. George can get up by himself, but he is unsteady, and also he likes a lot of attention, Jean everytime I go to do something he calls me, and then says I forgot what I wanted, our a glass of water, our wants to go the toilet, we that is life. I am going out with my two daughters on Wednesday they are taking me to see wicked, and for dinner, our Son is looking after dad, I can't wait love to you and once again welcome home Heady and S. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Yvonne good on yer mate it will do you good to see as show and have dinner thats great mate please enjoy ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; peter jones queensland Australia although by now you have had your dinner and seen the show was it good I hope you had a great time now you are back to reality

    but never mind mate theres bound to be another time matey take care regards to George for me

  • Also welcome home from me, too. I have found a private care home which I didn't know existed and they do respite care when they have a spare bed. They're full at the moment but we are going to see them again today and I am going to beg for day care, two days per this space.


    PS Loved the idea of you two on hire as rainmakers - DO NOT come here!

  • welcome home heady its good to see you in print again you sound like the sergeant major I used to have in the army mate I bet nobody puts anything over you mate they would not dare would they;;;; good on yer mate when we went on a world trip a few years ago now we met a south African lady and she has stayed with us at various times we still keep in touch with her to this day calls a spade a spade mate no mucking about see yer peter jones queensland Australia

  • I wish I was like a sergeant major! Might make life a lot easier!!!

    Did you manage your Anzac March? hope so.

    Lots of love


  • yes heady I did complete the ansac day march mate n but I felt absolutely done in by the time it finished I done it with my walk 3w2e were a column of 4 wide and about 400 meters long but when I joined in there were 2 columns because I was so slow I held them up but nobody seemed to mind mate but had a good time regards to s for me went to, neuro today he was pleased with me i ask him what would happen if I got real bad he said I would put you in hospital so that was that see yer mate take care of yourself peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Well Done Peter! Most impressed. Keep it up.

    Lots of love


  • thanks heady welcome to, England again matey see you take care peter jones queenland Australia psp- sufferer

  • Hey! Good for you, Mr. Jones! Wish I could have been there to cheer!

  • BD

  • BD? hmmm. Mr. EC thinks you stole a march on him, and knows he had better get going if he's going to be up for the race. We are going tomorrow, at last, to see the neurologist in Massachusetts, Dr. Apatauerova, now that the snow that scotched our appointments all winter is gone. I'm wishing I written down all the questions we had been going to ask. Can't think of one now! I don't expect anything to come of it but lunch with friends and some shopping for treats along the way. It will be a very long day, anyway, with about 8 hours on the road, much of that in busy Boston traffic. wish us luck! But if you can march in a parade, I can drive in traffic... Love and peace, Easterncedar


  • Welcome home . Wish I had known about the camel . too late now we use a hoist and John is chair or bed bound . . blow the dust .

    yes it continuous like on and off the roundabout .

  • hi heady

    welcome home

    lol JIll




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