A new me!!!

Well for the time being! I have lasted all afternoon and evening. S is in bed, I hope safely and will sleep all night.

We have just got back from a very successful week away. S went into respite in Paignton and I stayed with my daughter. We were able to take him out lots, so he feels as if he has had a break. I feel a new woman. I treated myself to a Spa break in the middle, two days and nights in a lovely Spa hotel, lots of relaxing massages and treatments, plus the added bonus of a pool to lay beside, in the hot afternoon sun. (Well a couple of hours!!!) All that time, when people were running around, doing things for ME!!! I do exist!

We also went to the theatre to see Cats. For those few precious hours, we were just a husband and wife, holding hands, enjoying! For some reason, the stage was very blurry and I developed this condition, where water was pouring from my eyes. Didn't help with "Memories" being sung. Hopefully nobody noticed, except my daughter and partner. As it was my Christmas present, she was really pleased we were able to enjoy it.

Now back to reality. To-date, he slept all afternoon, was extremely co-operative all evening. I have been at my most patience best. I know it won't last, but oh I am savouring every minute. Before we left, I was at rock bottom, could only see one way out, but now, I feel I can carry on, for that little bit longer. They are going to book my respite breaks a bit closer now. If I can get to at least half way through, until then, that will be brilliant. Yeah, I saw that little piggy fly as well, OK, until tomorrow morning, that will do!!!

Nothing can take away the feeling of having S's arm around me. Really thought I would never experience that again!

Oh, in this home, they had a lady with PSP, so knew all its little tricks and were able to keep him safe. Although going in with a very painful rib cage, did help keep him still.

Again, the lesson of making sure I get enough help, has been drummed into me. How many times do we have to fall flat on our faces, before we take notice???????

Big hugs to everyone.

Lots of love


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  • Hugs


  • A refreshing read Heady!! Just wonderful! 😍

    Here's to your next break! 🍷 x

    Ps how are S's ribs now? X

  • Thanks Satt! He has stopped moaning about his ribs, hasn't had any painkillers today, but is coughing quite a bit, so hope he isn't heading for a chest infection. Which has been my main concern. Apart from the tablets totally blocking him up, now full of laxatives!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady so glad you had a lovely break. And you managed to have a wonderful time at the theatre , with S it must of been so nice having his arm around you, forgotten what that feels like!!!!!!! Hope it lasts for a long time and you get regular rest bite, so you can carry on looking after S. Sending you a massive hug, and welcome home xxxxx

  • Awe bless him!! If it's not one thing it's another!! Hope your not going too mad,....yet! X

  • Welcome home Heady and S. Heady I ho[e having something to look forward to ie respites...will help you weather through when times get hard!

  • So pleased Heady. Thanks for sharing with us. A lovely post to read at the start of the day.


  • Oh Heady, How lovely So very pleased for you Hope the aftereffects never wear off!Love Px

  • So pleased for you both. You say a lot of things that hit home with me and, I am sure, with a lot of people on this site. Big hug.X

  • How lovely, Heady. So glad it all worked so well to rejuvenate you but also for recapturing a taste of romance. It reminds us of why we can persevere, doesn't it ?

    I gave Chris an unexpected kiss yesterday. His face lit up and he was immediately more co-operative. A bit later he asked for another one.

    I need to rethink my strategies !!

    Fingers crossed for you, Heady.

    love Jean x

  • Oh, if only it was that simple!

    Lots of love


  • So happy for you Heady! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Love you!


  • How you doing Dan? Been back 24 hours now, still feeling refreshed. Did help having Carers in this morning and they moved my Monday morning sit to today, but only 2 hours, least I got the shopping done and the dog walked.

    I am beginning to realise that it's the simple things in life, that are the most important and PSP has a hard job interfering with those. The hours, weeks, years we all waste, making our lives complicated, when a hug speaks those precious three little words, that we need to hear.

    Love you too Dan, big (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

    Lots of love


  • I'm doing ok I guess. Last Thursay would of been Kim's 55th birthday. And oddly enough, it had been 55 days prior that she passed. Still grieving a lot, but keeping busy and surrounding myself more with family, friends, and work. Not real crazy about the latter. 😝

  • That's sounds positive. They are the things that will get you through this. Even work!!!

    Lots of love


  • Such wise words, Heady. Thank you. X

  • Praying that you have many more special moments.

  • Beautiful, Heady. It's so nice to hear you've had that so very well-deserved break, and made some good memories with it. We went to a play a couple of weeks ago and it was just wonderful to do something "normal" and interesting together. I still am smiling over it, so I know what it feels like, too! Love, Ec

  • If only it wasn't such a mission to get them there and we didn't have to constantly worry about the toilet issue, life would be so much nicer for all concerned. It was only a small theatre but fairly new, so facilities were very good, in fact I felt has if I had one of the best seats in the place, which is unusual! Hope you make a few more.

    Lots of love


  • splendid!!!!

  • Oh Heady, I'm so glad you've had a lovely break and are feeling refreshed. You bring such life to your posts I find myself looking forward to you writing. Love and hugs to you both xxxxxx

  • Thank you.

    Lots of love


  • And lots of love back Heady xxx

  • Sounds like you've had a lovely time, so pleased for you, even if it wasn't entirely PSP free, sounds like it done you both good and that's the most important thing.

    Love and Hugs

    Debbie xx

  • Sounds like the perfect tonic Heady, live theatre is the best isn't it and to get a cuddle to boot makes it even more special. Like the idea of a spa break myself, bit of self indulgence hurts nobody and does you a power of good. The whole week sounds the perfect antidote to the grind of everyday life with PSP and all that it has to offer! Bet you can't wait for the next break.

    Love and hugs

    Kate xxx

  • Would recommend the Spa to anyone, well lady! It was a women only place, ideally for those of us that want to go away on our own, but are a bit wary. Just got to save up for the next visit.

    How is it going Kate? Is hubby home yet? I think lots of deep breaths are going to be in order (and a good stock of wine!!!) I will be thinking of you, over the next few days and sending lots of hugs.

    Lots of love


  • So pleased you had a good break . Take care xx

  • Sounds like a little time of bliss for you. Hold onto those memories when times are wearing. X

  • Sounds like you had a refreshing time,just what is desperately needed by us all.My hubby went yesterday for respite for 2 days to a nursing home.If it goes ok ive got a week booked 19 Sept!He has just had a peg inserted so many places wont take him.Off up to Newcastle today to play with our 8 month old grandson.Cant wait.The house seems so quiet without hubby even though he cant speak anymore.Fell asleep in the lounge last night and woke up wondering why he wasnt in his chair! Well leisurely breakfast here i come for once xxx

  • Enjoy!!!

    Lots of love


  • What a lovely day i had and superb weather.Glass of sauvignon blanc now to round of a wonderful day,and even better the roadworks near The Angel of the North were finished YEH xxxxx

  • Hope you will now start planning your week's respite. We all need breaks, to be able to keep going and care for our loved ones in the manor they deserve. I am still (at this moment in time!) feeling relaxed. S is being as cooperative as he can, it's surprising what a difference it makes to the day going smoothly.

    Lots of love


  • Those are v true words.Take care xxxx

  • Oh Heady I'm so pleased you had a good break and have come back refreshed. May there be many many more.

    Lots of love


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