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Stubborn as a mule

Mum still in hospital , it has been over a week . Because she is so unsteady on her feet and keeps falling over they will not release her, she wants to go home and we have to respect her wishes. Both my brother and I disgree and believe she should be a cared for 24 hours a day in a care home, but she is adamant. we are taking each day at a time , I get no real answers from the staff nurses so we will have to wait and see if she sees sense. Hope everyone has a nice day it is very sunny where I am x

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One thing for sure about psp: things will change. There is no status quo. You might as well do what you can do to get the care home lined up even if your mother does go home for a while. sad to say, it cannot last. Good luck. Easterncedar


On the care home case already. With help of social worker she will look into the ones fit for my and provide me with list. Thanks


was in hospital for 10 days, came out worse than I was when I went in- my daughter says never again she'll drop me off in the morning and bring me home at night if she has to


Sorry to say this, but I do not believe there is a "care" home that is appropriate for persons suffering from PSP.


Thinking of you, I know how hard it is, the constant worry. x


Hi,this time last year I wasnin he same position as you mum, and. The hospital social worker got involved and she asked me to try a home for 2weeks an very reluctantly I agreed , and within the first week I realised that I was much better looked after and seeing how relieved my sons face wax worth its weight in gold .

So I decided to stay if was hard to get usece to bi now I would

Never go back to living on my. own""I sax falling St Least

4 or5. Times a. Week. Andint tih last year i ave only fell 6times

Avd that was own fault gif. Doing things wothout waing fir carer to cons in and help me,.. I am very content , and I know that seeing my sons lot happier.knowing that I. Am being loked. After ,so I hope tnst your mum tops being stubborn , and gives it a try

.good. Llick and God bless.

Jaylew xxx

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Thank you. I will look into that, would be worth a try, Thankyou for the info. Every little helps and all that, hope you keep happy there for a long while x


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