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So, since I last ranted I have some good news, my mother in law had come to the conslusion that her being in a home is the best thing for her, in her own words "i think I will be better there" Hallelujah!!!!!

I called her brother to let him know and he was the first one to visit her and let her know that she did make the right decission. I understand everyone is busy, everyone has family and things to do, it's life. But all it took was a simple call to let someone know that she needed to talk, and they came.

My daughter insisted on coming to set up her room, I think it was because she wanted her picture front and center...she is 18 with a big heart. She talked to someof the people in the home and when an elderly man stopped her and told her she was beautiful she told him that he wasn't so bad himself...too funny

My mission for the time my mother in law has left is to make her happy, it's that simple, and if everything else has to be on hold then so be it.

We were lucky to find such amazing help for the past year, and yes, because we had that help we kind of slided on certain things. But now she is moving to another stage in her life and we have to re-arrange our lives a little.

This SUnday we are moving her beloved couch, the one she is spending 20 hours a day on, I hope that with all the confusion of people around her now she gets up and becomes a part of the community...

On to bigger and better things wish her luck

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  • I believe that your mother in law will have a rather easy transition to her new home and life. She will know that she has family still around her and the comfort of household items to make her less detached from her reality....and hey maybe that one 'young' man who wasn't so bad himself will find a fancy in the grandma of your daughter!



  • My Mum is in a care home, Alhzlmers, she is 86. Within days she had a "boyfriend". It's very sweet, they are great company for each other, neither can remember a thing, but if we take her out, she is sooo anxious to get back to John, we almost feel cruel giving her outings. So never rule anything out!!!!

    Lots of love


  • I would have loved it if my mother in law even made a friend, she is an introvert, so making friends was never a strong point in her life....happy your mom has John sounds like a match made in heaven, no reason to fight either since they can't remember a thing. Dont mean to make light of the situation but there are times we have to thank God for small blessings

  • Don't worry, never been so relieved in all my life. I thank god in every domination all the time. Just wish her memory could forget her alcoholic partner for last 40 years, who made her life such a misery. (Not my father!)

    Lots of love


  • Good news and decision for all of you. She can look forward to lovely visits now from you when you are less stressed and have more time for fun and laughter. I hope she settles in alright. I know its a big move later in life. God bless. Marie

  • iAGREE



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