Can you say that again, I don't understand

Well we have come to the point of not understanding anything my mother in law is saying. She calls numerous times a day from the home using the carers phone. We didn't get one for her as she cannot push the buttons anymore. I dont understand a word, all I tell her is that we will be coming to visit that day and she says OK.

She eats, drinks (thickened everything) and sleeps well, funny how when I first joined this sight her sleeping was by biggest concern, seems quite trivial now.

She always looks tired, her face is almost bloated and changes daily. She has lost all hope and wants to go home. Home is not an option, it is no longer safe for her.

I was there in Tuesday, I have to be careful as my daughter has the flu, bad one going around with fever, infection and a cough that lasts about a month. Takes about a week for it to come out so I wear a mask when I go in. When I got there I was told there is a chest infection that has effected 6 people on her ward. She has had a low grade fever for a few days now, no infection but they are monitoring her. I am fearful that she does not get this bug, fingers crossed. So in the meantime, most of the residents are on 'lock down' no one leaves their rooms. So she spends her days watching tv and trying to utter a few words.

Heartbreaking is the only word that I can think of right now.

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  • When I heard that she was on lock down, I thought...that's smart....One student can be sick and in a month the school has been cancelled....true story....We also had to cancel church for the same reason.....It was bad and I probably had it for a month.sick, sick sick....Well as long as you dont' expect anything more from mother in laws calls, and you tell her she probably CAN understand, you are doing her a service....she just needs to speak and hear you...though hard to do its good to know that you really are making her safe and comfortable....Keep encouraged and keep encouraging her .


  • I hear you, how is everything on your end???

  • Bruce is doing better in that his bowels have moved a bit. However he is still panting and groaning in pain. and no dr has called to state he needs this or that med.....His fever is still about 101 but sometimes it totally drops. I called dr office and am waiting for their reply...

    Thank you for asking...

    You know what ...B does the same as your mother in law...spends his evenings watching reruns and trying to utter a few words...what are ya gonna do....


  • there is a flu going around Toronto now, 7 days of fever once the fever breaks you get hit with a cough that lasts about 1 month.....all schools have put out statements telling parents to keep their kids at home. The nursing homes have the same issue with people coming and going and nurses going from patient to patient......

    The fever is probably from him not being able to 'go' once that is cleared out (literally) he should feel mom swears by having an espresso every morning....

    God how I wish you all could just catch a break,

    thinking about you and Bruce



  • Thanks Paola....I agree with your mom coffee gets you movin in more ways than one! B has stopped drinking the elixer about 6 months ago....His UTI is probably the reason for his fever....though it did reduce down to 100* last night. I just calle his nurse who says that they are not done with test on what sort of bacteria is producing his even though theyve known for 3 days they still can't put him on drugs till they id the strain.....

    He's not feeling well....

    Thanks for the write Hope all is going well your way..well that flu sounds like a nasty one......the more we find ways to combat it the more it finds ways to combat us!


  • B is spiking to 102! no drs have called the nurse I just called said she can't do anything til tomorrow! I am frustrated but he still is able to change the channel meaning he is conscious of his surroundings....Keep us in your prayers and thoughts~


  • By the time you read this it is tomorrow and I pray that someone has come to help.



  • So sorry your problems are still ongoing. Prayers and hugs.

  • My husband's speech is deteriorating pretty fast at the moment. I have told him he must wait until I have my ear to his mouth before telling me something - he just keeps on talking even though I am not in the same room and can't hear anything!

    TV watching is not an option anymore - he keeps his eyes, which waters constantly, closed and if he does open them they stare up in the air :-(

  • Funny you say that he keeps on talking even when your not in the room. It is almost as if they are talking to someone that isn't there, or they are practising how to talk by repeating themselves....I hate CBD, I really do

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