A Little Scare

This past Saturday we had a little scare with my mother in law. My husband just left her at the home, she was just about to take a nap so he thought it was a good time to leave. Her carer was there for the rest of the day.

At 7pm we get a call from the carer telling us that just after dinner my mother in law looked very lithargic and called the nurse. She was not responding to any stimulation adn when the nurse attived she checked her blood pressure,it was very low. Within half an hour after drinking some juice it came back up but she was very tired.

When we got to the home, she was fast asleep, so we didn't bother waking her. The next day I noticed her speech was worse and I was not alble to understand anything she was saying. It has not gotten any better since then.

I spoke to the nurse and she said all her vitals we good but couldn't explain the sudden drop in blood pressure.

Anyone else expeirience this???? What is scaring me is that my husband told me the other day that he is getting the same feeling he did when my father in law died. He isn't psychic, or I would ask him for the winning lottery numbers, but he is usually bang on with these things.

Should I be worrying?????

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  • Well worry may be the wrong word....prepared may be more in keeping with the things that you are doing. Getting her into a good facility, making sure there are nurses available, making sure she is doing the best she can with what she has left. you all, even her and her fragile body are doing what can be done.... Enough said about worrying

    About the sudden drop in bp, I do not know. But I have experienced this with some older folks at my church who left this world about 6 months after they kept passing out, or dizzy spells etc. Dr's could not pinpoint why they would suddenly get a drop in blood pressure, but it seemed tell tale for the elderly folks.

    As for your husband , This feeling is probably brought up from past experiences ie his dad's demise....and I don't know , there may be something to his uncanny feelings he gets......like you said we can't go out and buy lottery tickets, but we may not have to totally discount his feelings either....

    Not much of a soothing message except not to worry just continue to be prepared....



  • This may sound cruel, but so many others have written the same thing, I hope she can let go. She asked me a few months ago to call her priest, she wanted to confess. Just before that she asked me to get all her clothes ready for when she dies, she picked out an outfit and told me how to divide her jewellery.

    Since then she has been on a steady decline but nothing life threatening, this is something that caught us all off guard. My dad had an eposide like this many years ago, he suffers from heart and stroke related issues. He is still with us, that was over 18 years ago.

    We are all prepared, CBD has taken her away from us, I just hate watching the woman that was stronger than a bull reduced to a weak and scared version of her old self......

    I dont mean to make fun of this but do you remember the Calgon commercial??? The catch phrase was 'Calgon take me away"? It shows a lady in a bathtub relaxing without a care in the world....if only life could be that easy!!!!

    Thanks for th input, they all mean so much. As for my husband, whenever he gets these feelings they are bang on...oh the stories I could tell

  • Boyscouts + Calgon = Be prepared to take me away...Lol



  • Paola, I was trying to find a tactful way to say you shouldn't worry. You already know what I mean! Hang on, carry on, with love and peace, Ec

  • I don't mean to sound like the sky is falling but she has changed so much in the past few weeks that every little thing is worrying me.....I know there are bigger fish to fry with CBD....how are things with you EC? The days are getting a little longer and spring is 9 weeks away...yippie!!!!




  • In Parkinsons BO can drop after eating or drinking ,

  • I didn't know that but she has never had this happen before

  • We all worry. Sometimes about nothing and sometimes about everything. There are two types of worry... one you have control over and the other you don't. Consider the circumstances... I think you'll find you fit into the latter one. Not really encouraging words, some might say prepare for the worst, but no amount of preparation lessens the final outcome. I find that when I can't deal with everything on my own, I know that I have done my part and give the rest to God. xx

  • Nicely said, Tim. I will try to remember that!

  • Wise words my friend



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