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Talked to Dan at UCSF Aunt Bev will be starting at the begining of the year, Yea so excited. Also took her to the hospital for UTI she is hooked on Pepsi and if I do not keep up the water more she will get UTI well they kept her to put in antibotics for the night they did not give her the right amount of meds(she takes Carbidopa-Levodopa 25-250, Pramipexole 0.5 mg, and takes Paxil for depression) when she came home she had the shakes like Parkins not to bad but enough that is was driving her crazy she has never had the shakes anyway sorry getting to my point she also started getting pretty tense in her muscles so I asked her PC doc to prescribe her a muscle relaxer and OMG she slept great but when she woke up both eyes were wide open all day stayed that way till we just got back from California a hour ago and I put her to bed they have not been open like that since before PSP we couldnt believe it she looked at every thing she could and had a smile on her face the whole way home we goofed off out driving around but it was for about six hours drive normaly 2h 45min when she is asleep her eyes are wide open also and she has a full blown conversation with someone I (I like to think its Grandma or a few good angels) anyway just wanted to bring it up and I will discuss it with her Doc but when she is complety relaxed her eyes stay wide open Sorry my spelling sucks

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  • I forgot to mention if she does not take her Paxil she is like a winny 2 year old bad enough that that I want to pull my hair out , but when she takes it shes normal

  • OK, I found a couple. You win.

  • Kryste, I could not find the spelling mistakes but I loved the "stream of consciousness" writing style and can't wait for the next instalment which I hope will be as upbeat as this one.


  • Well thank god this has spell check I guess because I sure had a lot of red underlined words LOL

  • Where's the spell check???? My spelling is terrible and my iPad keeps changing words and I can't go back as I keep losing the whole post!!!

    Lots of love


  • my spellcheck is there too but i ignore it a lot of the time a si have too many now my once good touch-typing is now dyslexic beyond words!......

    so i did not even notice your mistakes so plz keep up with your postings

    lol jill


  • I will I am so glad I found this site the people are so scared, tired worried unsure and with each other we make things a little better even if it is just for a day ,

  • Here! Here! Kryste, even just a couple of minutes helps!

    Lots of love


  • hi heady

    how goes it in s africa

    plz let us know

    we hav e had a post fm you saying how a change of scene has work ed well for S

    anythgin else to report on?

    lol JIll


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