Stopped in my tracks

As I was getting my wife dressed this morning she suddenly asked "what's my son's name ?" I said "it's Joel of course " and she just looked blankly at me and said " But what's his name ?' Later in the day I asked her if she remembered asking me and she said yes but hadn't been able to remember if she had another son . I just can't believe things are deteriorating so fast .Georgpa

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  • That's so sad, for both of you. My husband's memory is better than mine. Although he doesn't say much, he occasionally comes out with odd words, especially when I get someone's name wrong. I reminded him the other day that a son was coming and mentioned his name. I had said the wrong son's name and Colin corrected me quite clearly. PSP is strange how it effects sufferers in different ways isn't it?

    Can your wife identify your children from photo's? I've made a collage for Colin's room in the hope of reminding him of the family but unfortunately he can't see it properly now but he liked it when I first made it.

    I do hope the decline slows down.

    Nanna B

  • My Dad (PD) responded to some question about how many children did he have. He said that he didn't which I replied.."well if there are any more out there they better step up right now or no inheritance". (I'm an only child).

    Things come and go...good moments bad moments. Sometimes they remember sometimes they don't. My husband has been calling me by his sister's name now for 7 years! Although I do correct him on this one!

    It does take your breath away. Sometimes it is the word that is gone not the memory. With my husband the names mean nothing but when he sees the person he recognizes them. Also, fast is not such a bad thing, sometimes I wish Bob would deteriorate faster because he is so agitated in his present state of confusion. Maybe he would be calmer if he were a bit sicker.

    I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I think it is a bad closing act to a marriage. I want to remember him and us the way we were. I hate this disease.


  • It's hard isn't it- I hear what you are saying about the word going and not the memory. I hope it's just that. The general confusion does seem to be getting worse . The halfway house with memory words etc is difficult to deal with as sometimes there is no problem and other times there is no sense and you never know which state you are going to have to deal with . George

  • I think the memory loss is hurtful. It is important for me to remember that it doesn't mean anything about love. It is broken brain and not loss of love. The separation is the hard thing. We used to be joined in everything and now piece by piece we are being pulled apart. The pain of this is indescribable.


  • Your words 'It is broken brain and not loss of love' are a comfort to me. Thank you, Jill.

  • I'm glad that helped. It is one of the upsetting moments when they turn blankly to look at you and don't know who you are.


  • My own mother without PSP remembered my nickname but suddenly forgot what I was christened and asked me She then informed me she didn't like that name.She was 97.Hang in there and enjoy the part of your wife that is still the same.

  • hi George mate look I have trouble myself with dates and small things which I remember again after a little while I know its bloody worrying mate for you but don t make a big thing of it to your mrs

    will you because we have enough on our plate coping with what goes on with the psp I also know that you carers have a lot to put up with

    doing more than anyone should do I worry about this as well but im sure worrying about things that you have no control over at present anyway I do not think it helps the situation it certainly don't make it any better now im not going to tell you not to worry because that's an imposobility but just try and except it and see your nuero although I cant see them doing much about it I expect they have a standard reply \\ ITS ALL PART OF PSP \\\\\ WELL GEORGE OLD MATE TAKE CARE AND GO WITH THE FLOW I HOPE IT IS ONLY TEMPORARY AS ALWAYS BEST WISHES HANG IN THERE MATE SEE YER PETER JONES QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA PSP SUFFERER

  • Thanks Peter always good to hear from you. George

  • Zillion is correct when she says it's exactly the memory . when you go into your memory bank it searches for the right word but there are so may if often come up with something close or similar and even the opposite .

    it happens to my husband he will ask for the telephone but means the TV remote .

    A when it first stated happening I asked GOOGLE and that's the answer it came up with .

    it is a bad closing act . my mother had a really bad stroke , she lived across the road from and we were very close , she did most things with us holidays included and was never a problem .

    My brother said to me one day , I am really sorry for you now , you will have such an awful memory of her life from there on , we did did she lived in a nursing home and was in a very bad way . The week she died John was diagnosed with Parkinson's . for the three years she was in the home she kept asking me what was wrong with Him , she saw more than the GPs . she thought I was hiding it from her . if I passed him a sweet she asked if they were his tablets .

    john often asks me to remind him of things even though like Nanna s Colin his memory both long and short is still excellent , better then mine . it's almost like a contradiction .

  • Hi, S has problems remembering how to do certain things, like going to the loo, getting and out of the chair, getting up from the floor, using a knife and fork, computer etc., etc,. Etc., his memory is fine. Like lots of you are saying, it's me that can't remember the word, he always puts me right!!! When I'm driving, he knows the way, knows where he is, just forgets to tell me when to turn!!!

    George, I would talk to the doctor, if I were you. Never know if there is some sort if infection making things worse than they should be! That's one thing S hasn't been able to do for ages, is tell me when things are wrong. When he broke his arm, it was several hours before we knew he was in pain. Although we were constantly asking him, it took a nurse to ask a different question, that everyone realised how much agony he was in!!! I take it your wife wears a "mask" most of the time, so it's impossible to be able to tell if there are problems.

    Lots of love


  • I have to admit I hadn't considered an infection so yes I will get that checked out -thanks Heady

  • That's a really good point that I keep forgetting. Any infection and small illness and also dehydration cause terrible reactions and make them look like they are going downhill super fast.


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