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hi everyone,finally got my dad sorted out about peg feeding,the peg nursing team came out to see him we sat him down and he listened to,

everything she said ,he even managed to slur out some questions to her on his own which even surprised me and my sister.Well the out come was good when she asked if he wanted it fitting he just sat up looked at her and said NO.The nurse was great she didnt treat him as thou he had lost his mind but with great respect and said thats good enough for her so after a week of sleepless nights worrying i can relax now its not going to be done so can i just say a big thank you to all who replyed to my post with answers and your good wishes thank you x

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Good luck dad x

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So pleased someone took the trouble to listen and not think they knew better.

My best wishes to you all.



Regards, Dear Mrs Farringdon,

Happy to hear your father is receiving the support and ackowledgement he and his family requires. If not already done - To cover bases, suggest you make sure details are also documented well. Be nothing worse than a change in staff etc, and you have to start through the same anguish all over again...


Alana - Western Australia

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It makes such a difference when they make these decisions themselves-no matter what happens now you know it's what he chose and you won't be thinking you have done the wrong thing either way. It's not nice whichever way we do things but peace of mind helps. Best wishes x


Thank goodness that there are still some caring and sensible people around! I do hope that the journey none of you wanted is now a little bit smoother and your dad continues to be treated with the care and respect he needs and deserves, as do you all. my best wishes go out toyou.



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