A new pub in town!

A new pub? (for the U.S. folk Pub = bar)

The hydro therapist asked me what the beer was like in the, "Carer's Arms"... she added we must have had a good night and winked as she walked off.

I asked Liz..."What did you say about the carers arms?"

She smiled and said... "Oh, I just that I was with you when I fell out of the carer's arms last night!"

(She dropped into a chair in fact)

I like staff who do not panic or hit the protocol buttons so readily.

One A+ cool therapist.

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  • Your Liz is awfully cute!

  • :)

  • That has bought a smile to my face. Thanks for posting.


  • Made me smile also x

  • Another lovely story! On that note I will close down for the night and go to bed, smiling!

    Lots of love


  • Night night Heady. Nanny857 xx

  • That made me smile, can just imagine the therapist winking. Nanny857

  • Nice one Kevin, a smile is a great tonic. Tim

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