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Hi I missed you all and hope everyone had the best holiday with your familys. MY computer was down and running back and forth to the rehab they send Aunt Bev to. Boy I sure had a hell of a time with the docs finally got one that didn't have an ego and worked with me on her treatment. Anyway enough of that she is doing fine and excited about going to UCSF for her research they had her in a bed so long her muscles are so weak now in her legs so we have a lot of work to do she has to be walking at least 5 steps by they time her appt gets here. We had a wonderful Christmas got to go to Calif. and spend with my kids HAPPY, HAPPY GIRL I WAS.

Ok I got a new one I thought I would get some input on what you all think. While we were at my moms Aunt Bev was asleep on the couch, my sister, mom and I were listing to and watching Aunt Bev as she slept they both gave me a strange look when she started having a almost normal conversation with someone she sleeps with her eyes wide open and she can move her legs as if she is running, I told them that is how she always is when she sleeps I walk up next to her all the time and lesson to her its not like it is when she is awake eyes closed unless she holds one open words are so hard to hear if she ever gets them out at all so my sister said that is her subconcious mind doing things when she is asleep so hers the question if she is like that then what about going to a hypnosis and see if he cant get her subconcious mind to act the sameway when she is awake anyone think its possible and Happy Late Christmas to all

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  • That is a good question. Brian gets loads of exercise when he is asleep and yes his voice is strong and clear as well so perhaps the unconscious mind works different.

  • I think I am going to check it out .

  • That's really a good option to try.. My dad never speaks while he is sleeping. He just groans and does move a lot though. Glad you had good holidays!! Hope you have a wonderful 2015. Best wishes !!

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