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Kebolissa and Pseudomonas (superbug)

Hi everyone sorry I haven't written Bev had surgery on her butt and is now in the hospital with a infections in her saliva the one is new and hard to get rid of if you type the two names in you can read on them mostly gotten in hospitals 30 to 60 percent chance of fatal they put a pic in her artery to give her the antibotics . Shes a fighter boy she looks good today, We did not make it to UCSF for the educational class because she has stiches down the crack of her butt and then two days later got phonima (spellimg) but she got the infections from either the sugery room or maybe the warm water pool I take her to. But this can be deadly for those who are going to have any surgerys or even just being at the hospital it is new discovered I think in 2014 read up on them for those of you who are not very strong wash your hands and make sure the stuff at the hospital is clean.

I hope all is well with all of you been so busy no time to stop and smell the roses in a couple of weeks , I did just get Aunt Bev a walk in tub had a guy come to the house to look things over and they wanted 18,000 thousand I told him have a nice day and the next day my boss knew someone selling one for 1,000 she hasnt got in it yet but cant wait to sit it I myself couldnt stand to wait to try it out so I put it in the kitchen hooked the hose up the hot water heater filled it up and jumped in then suctioned the water out shes gonna love it..

Lots of hugs everyone


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Hi Kryste, Bev is certainly going through it isn't she....and you too. I hope she is soon fully recovered from the infections and can enjoy her new tub. You enjoy it as well.

Take care.


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thank u hope all is well with you it is sure cold and windy here in Nevada today.

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Hi Kryste, sorry to hear your aunt Bev has gone through all this on top of everything else. Great news on the walk in tub, hope she gets to enjoy it soon. Your aunt is lucky to have you, you are such a great carer. Lots of love to you both, Nanny857 xx


Wow you are courageous ...I would have never thought hooking up a hose to my water heater and right there in the kitchen!......Should you be careful of the infections your aunt can share? I haven't read up on the stuff yet so just want to get that precautionary thought out there! But do be careful for her sake and yours! Well I don't know if it's sunny there but it sure sounds like her butt could use some sunshine! and im sorry you missed the UCSF meeting. What does that mean exactly?

Again be careful sharing water, Make sure her wound stays as dry and has as much light as possible!

Take Care ,



Kryste, My sister and niece work at a hospital. One a surgical nurse and the other works in the lab. They both say you never, never leave your loved one in the hospital when they are out of it. They have witnessed so many mistakes you could not count them. The hospital will never let the patient/family know when they have made a mistake. I know of a man that died because of being given the wrong meds. The hospital never told the parent what really happened. It is sad, but you have to watch them even with the washing of hands.


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