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Please look after Georgepa

Lovely people, I am lucky enough to be going away for a break with my husband so I am entrusting you with keeping my Dad, Georgepa sane. If he needs to scream, please can you listen, if he needs to rant, let him rant. I'll be back soon but at least I know he has the space to let off steam and the support of some wonderful people.

Look after him for me, he's very precious!! Thank you x

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Will do! Have a great break.


I hope you have a lovely relaxing break. We will look after your dad so remind him to keep in touch.

Nanna B.


Enjoy your break. I have a day away booked for 13th December and can't wait. Will have friend from Ukraine staying to look after C in my absence. Time off is so important and so difficult to achieve. Georgepa will be fine and you'll have lovely tales to tell him when you get back.


Hi Kate, don't worry, Georgepa is safe in our hands! We will listen to any scream or rant, that goes with out saying. Everyone is precious on this site!

Enjoy your break, you need it. Come back fit, fresh and healthy! That will help your Mum and Dad no end. I know, I have my daughter staying with us at the moment, and it's like a breath of fresh air?

Lots of love



That's a thought - you entrusting your Dad to us to help keep him sane when we are hardly sane ourselves! It conjures a lovely picture. Don't worry, all will be well and you will come back refreshed.



hi kate

will do!

lol jill


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Hi Kate

What a lovely daughter you are. Enjoy your holiday. Don't worry we are all here for georgepa.



Have a lovely time :)


what a good daughter you are. Of course your father is safe with us. It's mutal though, he is great at looking after us too. Enjoy your break, don't worry, be happy,


Costa Rica


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