An AMAZING woman has passed

Over the past few days my inspirational mother has passed. She has been suffering with breathing difficulties and after returning home from hospital, she had fallen out of her bed, onto her chest where she could not breath. We are now awaiting whether she will need a post-Mortem to establish the cause of death-has anyone else in the uk had similar experiences of this (it is clear this was a clinical death but this incident may require a pm?) I would also like to know if the results a pm can be shared with medical authorities as they still believe it was only Parkinson's but I have my doubts).

My mother will go down as a legend in our family as she loved life despite her difficulties and even beforehand had a great outlook on life-something future generations of our family will always look up to.

To anyone reading this with psp, masa or Parkinson's, you are all amazing people - please continue to love life and to all those carers/family members continue to give your loved ones every ounce of love they deserve!

RIP mother-let us celebrate a wonderful person and a wonderful life!! X x x x x xx

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  • So sorry for your loss god bless

  • GOD BLESS. PMs can be done to give the family closure as to what the undelying neurological condition. It may be mixed atypical parkinsons which wont be found without a PM. I will try to take your lead in the future to celebrate life.

    best wishes


  • Thank you. I spoke with the coroners office and Parkinson's nurse and I'm hoping that's the case. My mums condition was not straight forward so I would love it to be shared with the medical authorities!

  • RIP too for your wonderful mother marytea13

  • So sorry to here ur sad loss stay strong my thoughts are with you love to you and your family debbie xx

  • Thank you Debbie

  • Such a wonderful Positive thing to say after such a long and painful journey. Bless you all Flicka xxxx

  • She was amazing, after all her pain she was still smiling!

  • hi

    lam sorry4 your loss-but may your mum RIP and

    so good that you are celebrating her life

    lol jill Hugs and xxx ot u and your family

    psp suffferer fm the UK

  • Jill thank you for replying! I've seen a few of your replies and I also love your zest for life-very similar to my Mum. Pls keep smiling and loving those around you as they will undoubtedly do the same to you x x x x x x

  • My thoughts are with you.

    Lots of love


  • So sorry for your loss x

  • Thank you!

  • I am so sorry for your loss but I am sure she would be very proud of you and your family, best wishes.

  • Sorry for your loss. You mother was a strong person by all accounts as is anyone who has PSP. I consider them all warriors. Now it's time to take care of yourself and family. Your mother would want that.


  • Thank you Jimbo! We are all adjusting now but it was an absolute pleasure to care for her and see her smile! Now it's time to do her proud!

  • So sorry for your loss but may you find comfort knowing she is no longer a prisoner of PSP.

    Nanna B

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