joke to end the day

if any of you log on to the PARKINSONS SITE u will know it is quite a laugh at itmes

so i wanted to share acouple fo jokes i posted on the site today

(courtesy of Ken dodd no 1)

I hope h edoes not midn my lifitng it fo rhte benefits of the manhg people blgogign on the site

IF you everwondered why a woman's sunglasses are on her head

I tis because she has had so manhy botox jobs that is where they naturalaly end up

\i do noy t tell em well i know

liek the "doctor doctor" jokes

1Person goes into doctor s surgery

doctor doctor i think i am a pair of curtians

Be quiet and pull yourself together

2 Doctor doctor i think i am a dog

Well get up on the couch and let me examine you

But i am not allowed up on the couch!

i used to tell em a littte nbetter

another v good one from a Sheffield man

which i always find funny

man goes into a butcher/s shop and says

2steak and kiddlie pies please

\butcher _ do u mean steak and kidney

Man replies I said "kiddlie" diddle I??

thank u and good night

(early 2 nite as i need a good few hours kip b4 the w/end

chance woud be a fine thing

love jill


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  • Hi jill

    Just thought i'd say hello.

    Since dad passed away last April,i still read all the posts on here and the forum

    its good to hear your still in good spirits considering all, you brought a smile

    to my face when i read the jokes you have posted and it reminded me off the good times when dad use to laugh at the Billy Connely videos and Monty python, ' your a star ' sorry i;ve not been in contact sooner .i've just been throwing myself into work and looking after mum who's not been in the best of

    heath lately.

    Anyway, you take the best of care and i'll be intouch again soon.

    all my love Tinaheather

  • hi tina

    i was thinking of u at xmas time wondering how it was 4 u and your famiy

    i am glad u r still reading the blogs - plz keep on the site we do need you

    i remember u saying your dad had some respite in the hospice - which i had never realised wa s a possibility for someone with PSP so i found out so much info early on

    So a bettr 2012 to u

    my spirits are not as good as appear on the blogs as the falliing is really getting to me and i really do not want to hurt myself any more if i can help it - which fo course i cannot!

    take care and i am glad you did not think it too light hearted to post these v silly(old) jokes

    love jill


  • and a face

    jill :-)

  • Thank you Jill, I will print and take them into care home for hubby, he will like them (not a lot!!!!) ;)))

  • hi kay

    thanks for that

    your husband may nto laugh buit it takes us all back to better days

    lvoe jill


  • Thanks Jill, your jokes put a smile on my face too.

    Best wishes

    Peter3 (Mary)

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