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Post RALP Surgery - Penis Pumps


Hi Guys,

I have read many of the post in this group for the last 6 months. It has been full of great advice. I am 61 years old and the diagnosis happened to me with no symptoms, a high PSA test ( 8.0 ) and a digital exam that required further examination. After an MRI fusion targeted biopsy that had a gleason score of 9, and stage T2 diagnosis my partner and I elected for RALP surgery.

I am 8 days Post RALP surgery. The catheter was removed today. The pathology report was good. The surgeon gave me a handout for incontenence exercises. He also prescribed a 5mg dose of daily generic Cialas. He told me to purchase a penis pump. He gave me two medical brochere options and told me the pumps were also available in Sex Shops or online purchase. I see a big range of prices online and various functions and different cock rings. Has anyone had experience with the penis pump who could tell me the best way to start out?

For the Irish contingent in this group, Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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Hi Stan

Recommend you do NOT buy pump at sex shop. I bought mine at a sex shop - totally on my doctor’s recommendation but it was of poor quality and hurt - even before surgery. My physio told me he has been in discussions with my doctor about pump recommendations. There are proper pumps that are better and don’t cause such pain.

You might also ask about viagra. I found that with cialis erections were ok but with a small viagra boost, things were back to my teenage years! It gave me enormous confidence that helped heaps in my mental recovery.

Best of luck

Hi StanDon't buy from a sex shop they are of inferior quality and a waste of money. I have purchased the SOMAerect Response II from Medicare, here in the UK but in the US it is available from Augusta Medical Systems ( I looked it up online and was able to talk to their rep on the phone (COVID-19 restrictions prevented their usual face to face consultation) to make sure I purchased the correct pump. Works pretty well through erection is at 90 degrees to body (rather than 180 degrees) so looks and feels a bit odd. The importance of using a pump is to ensure regular blood flow to penis to avoid penile atrophy. I also take Tadalafil 5 mg daily dose and have the option to use Sildenafil (aka Viagra) 100mg for event use. Good luck.

Thanks for the great replies!Stan

My docs were no help at all. Looked at me like I had 3 heads. Nope, only 2. LOL

Anyhoo, I joined a study out of U of Mn - advertised here btw - that provided pump and pills. They sent me a NuPath pump. It works but takes some time getting use to.

Good luck to you.


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