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Help with erection


Is there anything that I can do to get an erection again??? My prostate was removed in 2004 and no matter what I cannot get an erection. I can have an orgasm with a flacid penis but that is it . I don't want a pump or anything implanted in me. I've had cancer twice and now have heart issues and do not want to go thru surgery. None of the pills help, Cialis, Viagra nothing. Any ideas out there

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Hey Jakre, There are a few more options. take a look at this video and see if the pump or another option may be worth a try. Hang in there buddy.

Hi- I watched the video and it was very informative but my cancer was years ago and it's been about 4 years now that I cannot get any type of erection and the Dr does not address that. I was taking the Cialis and it did work but now with the high cost of these drugs I take nothing and just watch porn and hope I get an erection. But nothing. Maybe I waited too long and should see a urologist. My GP doesn't really seem all that concerned. But I refuse to g ive up. I've got to find something and perhaps if I go to a urologist and see if there is scarring this will help. Also, keep in mind I do not have partner. I use it for masturbation. I still get horny but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Thanks for the video I wish I could have seen it 14 years ago

Trimix (injections) will probably work when all else fails, unless you have vascular leak.

Ok. I'll ask my doctor about it. I have an appointment next month. Thanks much. I appreciate it.

If your doctor is not more responsive (he SHOULD be concerned about this) it's time for a new doctor

I bought a pump & while it’s not ideal it does help. I have an appointment to be shown how to do the injections later in the month on 28th and can let you know how it goes if it helps. Some other guys on here said it worked for them and the injections don’t put me off.


Hi Jake, it sounds like you know a bit about erectile rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is aimed at preventing the venous occlusion and erectile tissue fibrosis which results from not having erections and the longer ED goes on, the less likely any attempt at rehabilitation might be.

If you had a nerve sparing prostatectomy then PHE5 inhibitors would probably have worked so it would have been good if you could have carried on with these. If you haven't had an erection for some tome now, then I doubt if they'll work on their own.

You could still try attempting rehabilitation by using a pump, but it needs to be a good medical pump and you need to use a proper technique at least twice a day. This might improve your chances of other things working. Think of it this way, you would be using it to improve the chances of an erection, you are NOT using it to get an erection.

After using the pump you might try using PHE5s again. Generic sildenafil is not that expensive if you shop around e.g. can find a reliable internet source, (be careful!) they do exist.

I doubt if your doctor can really say whether the scarring and occlusion has already happened.. It sounds like it will have done. I find doctors are very good at treating you,, but not very good at dealing with the consequences of the treatment. You need other specialists for that. The advice about changing your doctor might be good advice.

Are there no erectile dysfunction clinics where you are? They obviously specialise in such matters and can best advise you. The treatments they offer may include psychosexual counselling. There will be a psychological element to your ED, your brain will be programmed into expecting no erection, getting anxious every time you try and anxiety is a big erection killer.

The injections are a last resort, they may or may not work. There are a limited number of times you can do it because you will get damaged from the needles if too often.

I'm sorry if cost is an issue for you. I presume you are in the US. Just to let you know, on the offchance that you live in the UK and didn't know this, cost is not an issue

jakre in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your help. There is nothing near me and I do not have a Urologist. I'm going to call my insurance company to find one that they will accept. I'll also ask my GP about the pump. Thanks again. You all have been great.

Yes! I highly recommend Trimix, which is injected into the penis. I know, it sounds horrifying, but it’s really no big deal and the results are well worth it! It may take a few different formulas to get the exact right mix, but I wish I had tried it long before I did. Do yourself a favor... Good Luck!!

Have you tried the injections (Bimix or Trimix)?

My insurance company does not have this product mentioned and therefore will not pay for it. I'm not afraid of the injections but I'm not certain that I can afford them. Plus you state that you have to find the right "mixture". So does that mean that it may not at first work and you would have to keep trying until the right combination is found?

Check out and go to the testimonials link. A NSFW video there is ... encouraging

I have another suggestion, jakre. First, let me sympathize with you: no erections for 4 yrs must be so tough on your self-esteem, not to mention libido.

I don't know the particulars of your current condition, except that you had RP in 2004. You state that you don't want a penile implant. You sure? They really really work. And you haven't mentioned whether you went ahead with the injections. If you did, I hope you had some success!

I accidentally "invented" something which is so simple that anyone can make it at home and begin using it within 1 minute. It has absolutely saved my libido and erectile functioning during ADT. I am not out to make money on it -- it's too pure and beautiful to try marketing it (Pet Rock comes to mind).

I don't know the protocols here -- I want to avoid getting dinged for solicitation. But I'm offering you a file that contains the information you need. Please give this a try, jakre!

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HiHanddrummer777! That was really nice of you to answer my post I honestly was not expecting anything. The only thing I recently did was to get with my GP who can get me Sendalafil for 140.00 for 90 pills vs over 3,000 dollars at Walgreens. My insurance will not pay for the drug if it is used for ED only if it is used for purposes other than ED which I think is shitty but what can you do. I'm going to try that and see if it helps. But is it possible to send me the link to my email on what discovered. I'd be most grateful. After all these years I don't even know why I want to do anything about my problem but I do. I have had a few people interested in getting with me and I always have to make an excuse plus at my age I don't have that much time left. Thanks again.

Absolutely ridiculous about the insurance. How do I get your email address?.. and I'll send you the file right away.

It would be a PDF file unless you need something different. It's just text.

jakre in reply to Handdrummer777

You can just send it to

Handdrummer777 in reply to jakre

Thanks! Will do, and good luck!

Whatever method works to get you the document is fine. You need not worry about anything. I think this should be made available to everyone who has ED, regardless of cause. And everyone likely has one of these already, because chances are the object from which you make it exists in your home now.

Do you still want the info? Because there are specific instructions on how to make and use the device, even though it's rhe simplest device imaginable. I'm simply trying to give it to you. No strings!

Have you tried the injectable drugs for producing an erection?

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