Penis prosthesis?

Have any of you guys had the penis prosthesis installed and is it rigid enough for anal sex? I have appointment with uro to discuss surgery Tuesday..

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  • I had the three piece installed April 2016. Yes it is ridged enough for anal sex. I am a top, and having the penile implant the best decision i have made. I can have an erections in 35 seconds. That is how long takes to pump up the implant.

  • Thanks Dale, much appreciated......

  • To be honest I have been on Lupron (Eligard) for 5 1/2 years so I have no desires to "plug in" anymore. So we use other erotic things like dildo, message, back rubs, kissing, etc. So I do not "Get off" , but I feel fulfilled. Love for me is multifaceted now, yet very enjoyable.

  • The idea sounds terribly invasive. How uncomfortable is the procedure? Is this major surgery? What's the recovery process and timeline like? Is there a pleasurable sensation when you're pumping it up? I understand this option if you're already in a relationship. Might be awkward in a new relationship. (Excuse me while I take a moment to pump up my penis) Are there any long term risks with this procedure?

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