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Dear Gentlemen,

Praying for all of you.

Diagnosed 2.5 years ago with Stage 4 prostate cancer that spread to my bones.

PSA <0.1

Original prognoses 4 to 7 years. Doing super well on ADT and Zytiga. Had 3 sets of radiation early on. Full body bone scan shows no visible signs of cancer.

My oncologist won’t tell me if I have a new prognosis.

Please help with your experience of prognosis.

Does the clock start ticking afresh now?

Thank you so much!

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similar to my story - diagnosed 4 years ago, they found the bone mets first, I did not have radiation - Lupron ( ADT) and Zytiga - left pompous little Urologist for a brilliant Oncologist. First told me 5 - 7 years but numbers are no longer discussed because the treatment is successful. Of course my life is hugely changed but I am still alive - might get run over by a truck tomorrow but not dying of PCa at this time. Don't worry about numbers - just live each day that you have.



Niko10 in reply to pjd55d

Thank you so much pjd, for your story and support. I truly appreciate it!

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