Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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New Member, 62 year old, with my on-going story

New Member, 62 year old, with my on-going story

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer summer of 2010.  After trying to learn all that I could about what to do, I decided on RPS, which was done in August 2010.  Initial finding before the surgery was, out of 12 core samples, all but one was cancer.  If I remember right, I was given GS-5, with T-1.  After the surgery, when the results came in from the autopsy of my prostate, everything was upgraded significantly.  The surgeon told me that if I had not had the surgery done when I did, the cancer would have escaped to other organs.  For 3 years no erections, incontinence was manageable. Then the blue pills started to work only half the time.  Year 4 after the RPS, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer again.  So from middle of May 2014- second week of July 2014, I went through radiation therapy five days a week.  The doctors now will not tell me that I am cancer free, but say that I am in remission.  I know that I am cancer free.  September 2013, I had artificial urinary sphincter as the incontinence had gotten worst, April 1, 2016, penile implant, due to heart attack with open heart surgery in Dec 2014.   

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I am very glad that things have gone so well, but please remember that there is good reason your doctors will not tell you that you are cancer free. The reality is that 1/3 of all men treated will have a recurrence and there is no time limit to how long after treatment one can have a recurrence. I had a recurrence 5 years post-op (no PSA prior to the recurrence) and in a face-to-face advanced prostate cancer support group I run we had a new member join us last week. He had treatment 18 years ago and just had a recurrence.

Why is this important and not just semantics? It is important because if we believe our self cured we don't continue to properly monitor our self. We all need to remember to continue having regular PSA tests post treatment until we die from some other cause.

Cured people don't do this and then end up with very significant cancer, cautious people in remission catch the early bird worm and find treatments that extend or save our life.



Dale112, You have the AUS and a penile implant? I had the AUS done last year and very happy with results. I was wondering how do you like the penile implant? Is it as, well there are so many questions I have about one. Would you recommend one?


Cajun1949, I am extremely happy with my penile implant, as it gave me back my sex life. Just wish that I had not waited this long to have it done. So yes, I would recommend one.


I had RP in 2011. I have not been the same since. I'm not sexually active with a partner in years. My erections are semi-erect and my climaxes are by far less satisfying than pre-RP. How complicated or invasive is the penile implant procedure? What's the recovery time? Do you have increased pleasure when you have an erection?


The best answer to your first question is go online was research the procedures of a penile implant. You can watch videos of an actual penile implant operation. You will find all the answers that you are looking for in reference to the penile implant. This is what I did before I met with the urologist, and the surgical urologist for my penile implant. Write down all your questions and have them with you for your appointment, if you decide you might want the procedure.

Then come back to this forum, ask the questions that are difficult to ask the urologist, or the questions that the urologist are evasive about. ie: gay issues.



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