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Just an update on this journey


In July, after 28 months of ADT, I asked if a vacation would be appropriate. Side effects of ADT have been significant, and since PSA has remained undetectable for over 2 years, I really want to try to feel like a live human being again. Exhaustion, hot flashes, and generalized muscle loss have been driving me crazy. Exercise becomes harder and harder. So, as of mid July I am off ADT. Perhaps this is a mistake since I did have one bone met (SBRT at Mayo in 2018), and I had failed both RP and IMRT. I will have PSA checked every 3 months, and October will be my first check since the vacation started. Of course there has been no relief yet, but I am hoping for a break for as long as I can get it.

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How will you decide when to end the vacation?

Timfc in reply to Tall_Allen

PSA rise. And I don't plan to wait for a big rise. If it gets to 0.2 I will probably beg for ADT.

Good for you! I've never been a candidate for a vacation as my PSA has been very slowly rising for years. I hope your break lasts long enough for you to feel normal again (said as I sit here covered in sweat).

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