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And so it continues... an update

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On 6/6/18 I had my MRI with results of two lesions, one 7mm and one 5mm.

Previously, the results from the genomic lab indicated Very Low Risk.

After discussion on 6/15/18 with my urologist, I decided on active surveillance.

On 9/10/18, 3 months after my MRI, my first PSA result was 10.6.

What I didn't take into consideration was on 8/28/18 I had a procedure to follow up on HPV cells & 3 biopsies were taken.

My urologist believes the elevated PSA is due to this procedure.

I have to admit when I saw the result of 10.6 I freaked out & cried for the first time since being diagnosed. Two days later when I met with my urologist he helped ease my mind and suggested it was due to the biopsies and we would retest in 6 weeks.

Since February I have started to eat healthier, cut out processed foods as much as possible, eating more fruits & vegetables.

I'm still struggling with become more physically active, I just don't seem to have time to exercise. Everything I read lately points to the importance of exercise & reducing stress.

I've wanted to update sooner, because I know getting it out of my head does help.

I did start weekly psychotherapy sessions, while helpful with issues specific to my diagnosis, it has brought up other unresolved issues that I'm doing my best to deal with.

So here I am, part of this club. Thank you for reading.

12 Replies
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I know John our situations can be challenging to stay optimistic and remain vigilant re the progress we are making on our treatment or not. I'm glad you reached out here, so many wise, intelligent, and compassionate men, and please keep me/us up to date re your next 6 week test results. All the best, Tim

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JohnMN in reply to TimCo

Thanks Tim!

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After I had my procedure (radiation) I had a "bump" in PSA and then it declined. And then after year of declining PSA, there was another "bump" with corresponding feelings of anxiety and worry. Just go with the flow. There's a lot of support here.


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I have had external beam 13 years ago with a PSA of 6.9 and Gl 6. Took 3 months to decide what route to take. I was 54 at the time. I had more trust in the oncologist than the urologist. At 68, I have no regrets and may one day need hormone therapy or whatever is needed...stay strong!

P.S. Psychotherapy has helped as well

Are you still on active surveillance?

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JohnMN in reply to billy1950

Yes, I began active surveillance after my initial diagnosis based on PSA, biopsies, MRI and genomic test in June. I'll go for blood work next week.

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billy1950 in reply to JohnMN

Hi John, what were the results of your blood work? How are you doing?

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JohnMN in reply to billy1950

Hi Billy.

Thank you for checking in.

I’m ok. My most recent PSA was 6.6, so it didn’t drop as much as I/we hoped. My biopsy scheduled in February has been moved to November 21, results December 5.

And how are you?

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billy1950 in reply to JohnMN

Doing ok with some days wondering about the future (that we don't have any control about)... my swimming helps in keeping a good mental attitude. Eating well is always something I move towards, never ideal!

Is it correct to say that you are still doing AS?

BTW, what is your age! Your pic looks youngish. At 68, I'm happy to have reached it. 😀

My radiation was done 14 years ago and have no regrets in doing it...

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JohnMN in reply to billy1950

I’m 53, 54 in February. So I guess youngish. 😁

AS as of now, that could change with the results on December 5.🤞🏻

I’m quite good on the healthy eating, but the exercise not so much. Walk a bit to & from work.

The wondering & waiting sucks, but not a lot can be done with that but to be patient.

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billy1950 in reply to JohnMN

Hi John,

I was diagnosed in September 2004 and waited until December to be treated. I talked to a half of dozen guys to see what I wanted to do. One of my brothers did the radiation and seeds immediately while my other bro is doing what you are decision came out of my confidence in the RO...

So much more is known today!

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Hi John. Thanks for sharing and Iam glad you reached out here. Like you, I also find it challenging to fit in exercise, but even a 20 minute walk, a short swim, or 10 minutes of focused deep breathing can all count as activity and really help. Any type of movement is good!

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What an anxiety filled time for you! Am sorry for it all. Not easy, depressing, despair, grief. Unfortunately, seems to be a part of the "whole thing." But, sounds like you're getting it under control...the feeling of loss of control contributes to the depression, methinks.

For whatever it's worth, exercise seems to be the ONLY thing that has helped me at all. I started ADT in September and it's been a hellish ride (occurring during the holidays and while undergoing treatment certainly didn't help.) I am no gym bunny but force myself to go everyday and, once I get moving, I find that I "get into it." It's the high you get from the exercise and all those nerve endings firing. Make time for it. Get a personal trainer to teach you how to use the machines correctly. It WILL pay off.

Anyhoo, get another PSA and maybe a MRI biopsy and a Prostate Health Index. Take your time making a decision about treatment. It IS life changing. And, keep talking to your therapist and friends. It's a difficult road at best; don't do it alone.

Good luck to you.


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