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An unexpected surprise...

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Hey Fellas, So I had an experience last night that I want to share with you all. So as my previous posts have stated, I am approximately 3 months since my final lupron injection. I did a 1 year course along with surgery and 44 rt sessions. The last time I met with doctor, (approx 3 weeks ago), she informed me that I will probably start feeling a libido and more like myself around beginning of March. But a funny thinng happened yesterday. So for the past couple weeks I have been really making an effort to do more cardio and resistance exercises, and last night coming home from gym, I felt a very faint feeling of being slightly horny. I have not had that feeling in over a year! So I decided to see if it was real or imagined. I got home and grabbed a little eye stimulation (porn), and with some effort, I was able to achieve an orgasm. It was definitely different but felt nice nonetheless. However, without being graphic, at the end of orgasm, I ejaculated clear liquid (urine). Felt more like being unable to stop myself from urinating, more than my former life of ejaculating sperm. Can anyone relate or had a similar experience? Was the experience of feeling horny in my head or could my body be recovering that quickly? What a journey this has

10 Replies
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yeah that happens (the urine thing)--a number of people on here have commented on it--it's called climacturia (you can google it)--for people who are into water sports it's not a problem, but for the rest of us (at least for me) it's not any asset (in my case it's just a little bit)--kegels/pelvic floor exercises might help some--but congratulations--and all orgasms are in your head and your body, so it wasn't "just in your head"--if your dick did it, happy dick!

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What you described is called climacturia. Urine at the time you would shoot a load instead of sperm. I have the same issues as have many of us have had. Supposed to clear up in first year. I do Kegel exercises to help. The internet will give you more information. My libido nevey left so URO took me straight to Tri-Mix. On that drug I have several orgasms during intercourse. Condoms help contain mess. I have resorted to water sports which can be fun with partner's that like that kind of play. Can be fun.

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Congrats on feeling horny again. Sex is all in your head but lack of testosterone can really fuck with it. I have always been a fairly horny guy and when on ADT was amazed at how this big part of me was totally gone. If the climacturia bothers you, try peeing before you jerk off or have sex. Otherwise, enjoy it :)

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Glad you're feeling horny! I too sometimes ejaculate a little urine when I orgasm(despite being unable to get hard), despite being mostly continent otherwise.


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I had RP 8 months ago. I had climacturia for several months after surgery but more recently my orgasms have been dry except for a little precum which is OK. I feared that peeing with sex would be a permanent feature of life after surgery, but hopefully it is not. Good luck!

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Good news Dream, this is really improved for me last week and a half. My partner and I had sex earlier tonight and there was NO climacturia. Yeah. Kegel exercises! Congratulations on your orgasms. That's exciting. Erections are too if it's been a while.

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I celebrate your progress. Thanks for such frank sharing.

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Thanks for sharing. I hope that the response/erection you were able to achieve was a step forward for you. I can't comment on anything since I am not at that stage. I just can send messages of support and good vibes. Peace

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I am able to have some pretty good orgasms now , even if I don't have an erection. Like you I frequently ejaculate urine now. I have used cabernet to get erections which works really good although I experience a lot of burning after administering it. Sometimes I'd rather not be hard if that is what it takes to get an erection. Are you considering an implant. My urologist has no problem referring me for The procedure but I'm afraid it will feel to fake if I get one.

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Hi Sledge, Thanks for reaching out. I have had similar experiences with trimix injections. It has been over a year of doing them while being treated with radiation and hormone therapies. I am at a similar place of not wanting to continue injections because of side affects. Ultimately, I have decided to do the implant surgery. I did some research and talked to a few guys whom have had it done. The statistics are extremely favorable for doing it, and at this point I want to get as close to the spontaneous sex I had before my diagnosis and treatments. I am 53, and not ready to give up the sexual intimate part of my life. I will be posting on here as I go through this, and fingers crossed, I will receive optimal results.

Godspeed my friend!

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