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Refuse Treatment - HELL NO!!


Happy 2019 Everyone!

I appreciate ALL your input. After receiving unfavorable news last week, I went into a wee bit of a tailspin.

Of course no one wants to die! I sure don’t - I have no death wish. We ALL have built-in defense mechanisms; that was my immediate reaction.

When my falsehoods about my own longevity were brought to light, I realized I HAVE TO FIGHT!

There ARE burgeoning treatments out there, maybe a cure will be found!!

I cannot throw in the towel and NEITHER should you! There is ALWAYS HOPE! I know it sounds cliche - but with the case of any disease, that is what we HAVE to hold on to.

For others with nmCPRC, please share any news you may have! I AM not a quitter. This thinks it can fuck with me? When provoked, I can become one mean mother fucker.

Well prostate cancer, you bitch, you HAVE provoked me and I am going to fight you with all my heart and soul!

And let’s remember, not everyone shares your same viewpoint, be kind to one another. We all have a dick; we don’t have to be one!

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blessings to you

We all have low points, glad you can process through them and see tomorrow can be a brighter day.

Great post!

Wishing improved health and hope for a brighter 2019.

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Thanks ironically enough I had emergency surgery last week. I'm hanging in there! Lupron screws with my mind!

I’m 64 now. I was diagnosed and had my prostate removed when I was 47. It has taken me years and still affects me that I’m not able to see myself ejaculate. I need to be grateful that I can still feel the sensation and I’m still alive. I hope for the best for you

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Thanks for your candor!! Happy 2019 to you!

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