Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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HIFU Scheduled

Yesterday was the initial meeting with Dr Scionti in Sarasota.  Had a Prostate-Specific MRI (the machine was a torture chamber) and an Ultrasound of the prostate.  No calcium deposits and my prostate was less than 40cc, so HIFU is a go.  I am getting the PVP done on May 3 and the HIFU procedure on May 14 and I can not wait.  I am very excited about the prospect of all the positives of HIFU.  For me, it was the best option; I hope it works out the way I envision.  

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Will you receive a TURP prior to the HIFU?


I am having a PVP (photovaporization) on May 3.   I think this is similar to TURP?

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PVP is a type of green light laser treatment that removes excess prostate tissue as does a TURP.  The PVP is supposed to be easier to control and to target the tissue that is to be removed, but as a result there is no tissue left that can be examined by a pathologist as it is burned out of the body. 

Having either a TURP or a procedure like the PVP probably improves the chance of a successful HIFU treatment. 

Good luck and do well.



Let us know how it goes. I was part of an online radio show with him and was impressed. It's only because of brave souls like you who are willing to go through clinical trials like this that we get any advances. I hope it works well for you. BTW - what's your out-of-pocket cost?


The HIFU is $25,000 and the office visits, MRI, and Ultrasound another $2500.  The photovaporization is this Tuesday so not sure what that will cost.  I am estimating the entire procedure should run around $30,000.   


I'm heading in your direction. We will be fine :-)


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