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does a biopsy hurt

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Hey guys, I am a member of another prostate cancer group on facebook and was asked if a prostate biopsy hurt, since I have had 4 already and am scheduled for my 5th on Feb 21, I think I might be able to answer this question and being in a gay group I can kinda describe what I think it feels like. My very first one my doctor told me that it would feel like I got stung by a rubber band, and it did. I was numbed up and it was very uncomfortable but the noise it made was more disturbing then the actual process.

The next 3 and I guess all future ones were done with The Artemis. This requires a MRI on your prostate to hunt for 'hot spots' on your prostate and the results are fed into the machine and it takes the samples right from the hot spots. My last one they took, I believe 13 samples and I gotta tell you, it was no picnic. He numbed me up and it really didn't hurt, it was as I can best describe, like getting butt fucked by a Alfa top who is only interested in getting his load off. Of course the doctor was as gentle as he could be and explained everything to me as he was doing it, I guess trying to take my mind off of what was happening. It seemed like it went on for hours but most likely only went on for an hour. Then after it was over, just like a man, he told me I could clean up and get dressed. So it really doesn't hurt, it just is.

Anyway, there are guys on here much worse off then I am so I am not complaining about my status or anything like that, I am just saying that's my experience with a biopsy...…

Anybody care to jump in

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I've had 3. The first one, I almost fainted from the pain. The second one, they put me totally out for and I was groggy for a few days. The last one was the Goldilocks one - they located the nerve to do a periprostatic nerve block -- I didn't feel a thing, and I was awake and alert throughout.

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NashTim in reply to Tall_Allen

I should ask for that next time...…..

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Tall_Allen in reply to NashTim

Or a pelvic plexus nerve block.

I had a MRI guided biopsy... no pain numbing and it hurt like hell. BUT the pain was very short lived and I had no problems with feeling groggy etc.

I did have a antibiotic to take for 3 days BUT still ended up with an infection, that put me on a antibiotics for 6 weeks...

I was not numbed up. Yes, it hurt. Terribly.

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NashTim in reply to YostConner

i am so sorry to hear this Yost, i wonder why you were not numbed uo

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YostConner in reply to NashTim

Lousy urologist. He did not remain my urologist long.

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NashTim in reply to YostConner

good for you

I happily (thanks to my doctor) was anesthetized for the procedure. So all I can add was there was very little problem Ior pain afterward that I remember. Maybe a little discomfort and some blood in urine and seamen first time afterwards....but I had been alerted to that.

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NashTim in reply to Kneedy

yes, they told me about the blood also, kinda gross

doctor refused to numb me up or give me any anesthesia. He hit me with that gun 12 times and I felt the full force of the pain. It was excruciating . I was hyperventilating and nearly passed out. If anyone ever has one of those prostate biopsies they must be put out or some kind of anesthesia.

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NashTim in reply to Vitruviusman

sorry to hear that happened to you, i wonder why they didn’t give you anything

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Vitruviusman in reply to NashTim

I sincerely I sincerely believe the doctor was a masochist. I asked him and pleaded with him before he started the procedure. I also told him to stop and he wouldn't stop

Sounds awful. Hope you fired him.

I found out later, the Masochist was on semi-retirement/part time at that. He wanted to blow in the office and out again as fast as possible, do the procedure and get out. I suspect he was so impatient, he wanted not to wait for the local to take affect and decided to torture me in the process. CREEP!

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Kneedy in reply to Vitruviusman

Wow what a sorry MD. That sounds

unethical I would file a complaint with the licensing board.

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Vitruviusman in reply to Kneedy

I was going to but he was retiring so what would be the point

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Sounds like my first and only biopsy 13 years ago before i relocated my health care. If current oncologist needs to do another biopsy for the provenge vaccine, I'm going to insist on a nerve block or total knock out, or I will reject the provenge therapy to preserve quality of a shorter life. Biopsy was THAT bad!

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George, I even told that CREEP/DR to STOP IMMEDIATELY. HE ignored me and continued. I was at his mercy.. this large thick up my ass, and I could not move. In any case, the prostate was taken out 2010. No more Prostate biopies for me.. Now I have a flacid cock like a wet maccaroni noodle... ONly thing that makes it erect is the injections.. Tell me how romantic is that?

Hey Guys, having it done twice, I could not describe it better, you nailed it. The clicking noise bothered me more than anything. Aging is he'll, but living is worth it.


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NashTim in reply to VL54

Hey Vic, you got it buddy.... that loud noise.... glad you only had 2.....

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jazzy53 in reply to NashTim

My urologist old me that men generally find the biopsy uncomfortable but not painful. Where I go for care, they do a perineal biopsy and numb the tissue leading to the prostate -- but not the prostate itself, which is apparently impossible to numb. It hurt like hell. If I have to get another one, I'll insist on being put out. I see no reason to endure that. After the procedure, a grad student doing a survey asked me to rate the pain and discomfort on a scale of 1-10, and I responded with a 7 on both accounts. There are only two good things I can say about the biopsy: it's over in 15 minutes and it's absolutely necessary. Just put me to sleep, please.

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PSV60 in reply to VL54

Thank you for “Aging is hell, but living is worth it” phrase. Very well put.

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VL54 in reply to PSV60

It's so true, I was starting to procrastinate going on 3 years diagnosed. I said to myself get this done before it turns into a bigger problem. January 8th was one year since surgery. Glad I did it, I'm cancer free thank God.

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PSV60 in reply to VL54

Glad to hear! Yes, same here. Iam 14 months post - surgical and also remain cancer-free. Glad it’s behind me

I've had at least 5 biopsies over 7 yrs. Doc numbed rectum. Unpleasant of course. Hate the sound of the "gun." But, not all that painful to me. Over in 10 minutes. A "pinch" as they say. Some blood in poo for a day or so. Some blood in pee and ejaculate (ewww). But, resolved in 3-5 days. And, now, after treatment, no spooge at all...ahh me.

Anyhoo, unpleasant, uncomfortable, but real pain? Not to me.

Btw, insist on MRI fusion guided biopsy - targets suspicious areas rather than shot gun approach.


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NashTim in reply to EdinBmore

yup, you got it Ed

hey MDavid, i belong to several groups but not really active in any of them, they are pretty cold and medical, one is Uncesered Prostate Cancer Discussion and one is Prostate Cancer Support Group, i wanted to get in a group where we could talk about things happening to our bodies, like not getting a boner, can i still take it up the butt, to know, stuff that gay men are needing to know....anyway, i get a MRI every December and a biopsy in January, but this year it was changed to Feb.....

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TBDLATER in reply to NashTim

Hey NashTim. I am new here and have yet to introduce myself, I will soon. I am looking for the same type of PC Support Group where you can talk about everything. If anyone knows of one in Boston, let us know. Thanks.

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NashTim in reply to TBDLATER

hey TBD.....welcome to the group, i am new here also and looked around at several pages before landing here, i like it because the language is what we hear all the time, seems like a good group of guys here.... do a post and see what happens.....

I’m on the other group too. Your analogy is OWWWWW! I have had 2 biopsies, first one I was not given anything - hurt like a bitch (or an Alph Power Top). Next urologist numbed the organ and it was much better. These took place 13-15 years ago.

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NashTim in reply to MJCA

i say numb the shit outta me

I had but one biopsy, and that was 7 years ago. I was mildly sedated, and it didn't particularly hurt, but it sure didn't feel good, either. When I was asked about it, I told people: Shove a miniature shotgun up your ass and pull the trigger. What I intensely disliked was the blood in my semen. It looked red and watery, kind of like cheap ketchup, and it took quite a bit of jacking off to get it back to normal.

Get an anesthesia during this test. It really hurts!!

My urologist prepared me for it, and everything he said was true: “It’s no picnic, but it’s over quickly”. To give me a sense of timing, he counted down each trigger, as in “only 3 more to go, etc.”, and that made it somewhat more humane even though it felt like I was having rubber bands snapped against my skin. No anesthesia, and I slept for a couple hours afterwards. Blood in the semen was initially freaky, but gradually disappeared with no other side effects. Overall, it was all worth it, because the biopsy report showed my cancer was caught early and the surgeon said the findings were very accurate once he performed the prostatectomy. Thanks for letting me share and the best to you all.

Wow--I've skimmed these a bit. I don't understand how any MD could do a painful procedure that can be mitigated and not do that. I had this 10 yrs ago. I really don't know specifically what was done, but there was no pain. It was a little uncomfortable--like a finger snap, a thump, but not painful. I was fully conscious and the MD talked me through it, 12 cores. I got up and went home. The blood cum was a lot more than I expected and lasted a couple weeks before completely gone.

I guess I had an exceptionally good Urologist! He put me to sleep. There was no pain at all, and I woke up feeling fine. I did have the runs (looked like pure blood) for almost 24 hours.

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