Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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I had HIFU 7 years ago

Remain cancer free and have never had any side effects. HIFU will be covered by Medicare effective July 1.

If you are a Gleason 6 or 7 my opinion is HIFU is the only option. No or minimal side effects.

Best 25 K I ever spent.

Glenn Seymour

North Carolina


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What is HIFU?


I googled the definition. It leads me to believe it's Proton therapy... however not sure.


I'm glad it worked for you, but many guys don't have the same experience. 15-30% of men who had HIFU have a recurrence in the treated area. Even more have a recurrence in the untreated area. In the largest study so far, 5-year recurrence-free survival was only 72%. And its side effect profile is no better than SBRT or HDR brachytherapy.

Anyone considering it should read this before deciding:



Once onc recommended HIFU but Medicaid doesn't cover.

You think they will as of July 1?




The FDA rejected coverage several times, and with good reason - no long term data. The HIFU manufacturers got around the FDA by getting approval of it for ablation of prostate tissue (like a TURP) although no one uses it for that. It's possible that they might approve it based on the Ahmed/Emberton study in the UK.


Can't agree more with Glenn. One year out, so far so good.


Hi Glenn

Can I call you during the weekend ?


Just diagnosed and confused re HIFU

I have medicaid


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