Today I saw a doc at NYU Langone who recommended HIFU ... but looks my insurance won't cover :-(

I liked the doc's approach and explanation but Hélas...too costly!

Thinking of going to 🇵🇱 Poland

Highly respectful center for nearly $9000 all expenses paid... except drinks 🍹

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  • Read this before deciding. I'm concerned about all these sales pitches without long-term evidence.


  • Hi Confusing007. I had HIFU done in Sarasota FL a year ago. Ins did not cover. $25K out of pocket. Out patient surgery. Only one treatment one day. Cancer was contained within the prostate. PSA is 0.2 now. And erections are normal. Only side effect is no sperm with the orgasims. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat....

  • Thanks sooo much for info... looks like that's what I will do. How long it took you to be able to travel or at least to do normal business?

    Thanks again


  • HIFU is a one day outpatient procedure. You go home and can go to work the next day. No pain; no discomfort. You DO have to wear a catheder for 10 days. For me, that was hell. I hated every minute of it and could not wait to get it out. But you can cover the bag with a pair of long pants so no one knows. But still not a comfortable procedure.

  • If you are a candidate for proton therapy.....it's about less than 5m act procedure time for 8 weeks

  • I have no opinion about this, except to say that 10 days ago I had a prostatectomy at NYU and HIFU was never presented as an option. I had moderately aggressive cancer (10 of 12).

  • Prostatectomy, so far, was not recommended in my visits. NYU, Weil, and private oncologist.

    Anyway, I wish you the best. As long as we do something about it, we should be fine.

    Best of luck

  • Thanks

    Actually, I'm looking and found two so far, one at Sloan and one in Brooklyn. Both are nearby in NYC.

    Best of luck :-)

  • I don't know that there are any but would suspect there are clinical trials or studies you might consider enrolling in.

  • I had it last. I worked and had low risk sex with the ability to cum. I had medicare and private. I was I formed to approach prostate stimulation cautiously...if not in your or near Google University of Maryland Proton Center...you will not be disappointed. You may email me directly. Braswellrn1030@yahoo.com

  • I'm thinking HIFU is proton therapy..if not you definitely should consider. Google Proton Therapy

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