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As you know if you occasionally visit this site and read any post I submit, I am a facilitator in our local Prostate Cancer Support group. From time to time during a presentation by a urologist at our meetings, a form of incontinence aid is touched on but usually just passed over, called BOTOX BLADDER TREATMENT. But until our last meeting it was never really discussed. At our last meeting we invited a WOMAN who had severe incontinence for several years and finally her doctor recommended she have THIS procedure done. According to her it worked perfect. But apparently, it is used mainly only on women as far as anyone could find out. The procedure is done by injecting BOTOX around the bladder sphincter and like other BOTOX treatments such as for cosmetic use, it tightens the area affected. This topic needs to discussed much more in order to find out if it is used, or even CAN be used on men. Any "experts" out there on this subject.? Thank you.

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