Suffering from incontinence?

Hello; I am a 23 year PC survivor diagnosed at age 52.  I had a radical prostatectomy, followed by 35 treatments of radiation a year later and underwent a orchiectomy a year later.  Since that time I have been cancer free.  For approx. 20 years my incontinence was relatively minor (1 pad per day) Since then it has gotten progressively worse to the point where I had virtually no control.  18 months ago my Urologist suggested I have an Artificial Urinary Sphincter installed.  It has been a God Send and I would recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of being wet!  The procedure is relatively simple with only minor surgery and only required a one night stay in hospital (could be out-patient) and works basically like a hose clamp on your urethra attached to a on-off button in your scrotum.  (I know, sounds tricky, but it works GREAT!  Again, I would recommend this as a very well tested, easy and successful way to dry pants.   By the way, it can be used for both men and women (on-off button placed different)       

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  • Thanks for sharing your information.

  • Bob, you are welcome.  I am a facilitator for our local group and also an American Cancer Society mentor. I am certainly NOT an expert on PC but I have had a number of post diagnose and operative issues in the 23 years since. I have also tried most ED options.  I have had numerous phone and e-mail conversations with men who have questions or just want to talk with someone about PC. When I was diagnosed long ago, I did not know a soul who had PC, and sort of thought it was the beginning of the end. So if you wish to discuss anything, feel free to do so.  Good luck.

  • Thanks. I am OK right now.

  • I still have a little incontinence. I use about 2 pads per day. I had 60 days of penile rehabilitation therapy with Cialis daily dose 5 mg. The therapy brought blood to my penis. I have erections whenever I want. They are very firm and normal. I am thankful for my therapy. The pills started working 5 days after I started taking them.

  • Great to hear about your success with erections.  Obviously ED treatment has come a long way since my surgery in 1993.  Back then there was no "magic pill".  I tried almost every erection option except implant with limited success but not much satisfaction, but life goes on, and my wife has been very understanding.   In my mentoring capacity I have talked with men who put off PC treatment simply because they didn't want to lose their erections, which is really sad.  Please keep in mind that there are options available for incontinence if and when it is needed. 

  • Thanks. My urologist said it takes time and keep doing my Kegel exercises.

  • Men should choose life first, then erections. There are many options available nowadays.

  • You are right.  When I talk to guys about ED who are hesitant about getting treatment because they don't want to lose their erection, I always tell them; "your hard-on won't do you any good in the coffin." :)

  • Get surgery, radiation or other treatment if your cancer requires aggressive treatment. As someone who is a 69 year-old, going on my tenth year of Active Surveillance we have to look at low-grade non-aggressive PcA in a different light. Incontinence and ED are less important than saving your life if you have aggressive prostate cancer. 

  • Great comment.

  • I had my first session of physical therapy on Thursday, April 28, 2016. It went well. Dr. Kathleen Roth taught me 3 different exercises and then I had to do each exercise 3 times. I laid on my back with my knees up. She placed one hand on my perineum on top of my shorts during the exercises to make sure I was doing them correctly. She used her other hand to count the muscle contractions. I did a total of 30 Kegel exercises. She said I did well. She gave me homework. I have to do each exercise 10 times each session and do 3 sessions per day for 3 weeks. I will return for more therapy in 3 weeks. So I need 90 Kegel exercises every day. That will make my muscles stronger.